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This blog was supposed to be a casual writing process blog. Then I got stuck thinking about one of the general chat thread debates and ended up writing about it. Lol. I figure I'll just use this as an excuse to talk about random stuff I think about as it happens instead.


I'll start with a list of things I don't like because it came up in one of my group chats today. In no particular order, mine are:

- Cooked carrots. Hate the taste. If I can't taste them it's fine.
- Add raisins and sultanas to this list. Informally referred to by yours truly as the byproducts of the devil's anus.
- Being disorganized. I care a lot if I'm not tidy, organized and on schedule.
- People who blame others for their own shortcomings. It's not the end of the world if you make a mistake. Don't compound it by trying to push the blame somewhere else. Just learn from it and move on.

Most of the time if I don't like something I'll just avoid it though. Makes life easier if you don't go looking for the things that irritate you.

It's still summer on my side of the world. Hot, sunny, barely any clouds in the sky. No complaints. Autumn is my favourite season, but it's not to the point of burning my face off today. The city I live in still has a lot of its original charm points. There's a lot of green and growing things where I live. I'm a fifteen minute walk away from the ocean. This morning the weather was really good so instead of doing my usual wake up and workout routine I went for a walk around the coastline.

It's still fairly unpolluted in a lot of places and the seafood you catch/gather is safe to eat. During my walk I came across some fishermen having a cast and regretted not bringing my rod. They hadn't caught anything yet, but I really felt like having a good fishing session. My best friend is practically married to the sea and goes fishing every day they can. I'm nowhere near as dedicated as them. I just like having the alone time, the quiet, the satisfaction of self-sustenance.

This kind of life is not sustainable. There are too many people who don't respect their environment now. Every year the fishing and hunting stocks around the country are impacted. It is steadily disappearing. Our weather is also changing - harsher summers, colder winters. The summer highs have risen by 10C in my lifetime alone. The winter cold has shifted by 5C. I think our days of plenty in this beautiful country are numbered. Luckily for me I'll either be too old to care or dead by then. Still, I feel sorry for the next generation.


On a more positive note a friend of mine has come up with an idea to make one of my near-future inventions work. He's a crazy talented engineer and I'm excited about seeing it come to life. I'm not completely stupid, but I don't have the practical knowledge he does. Luckily we've known each other for a while so he could break the concepts down to an understandable level for me. It's not super-secret or anything. I've come up with an idea for an engine that would really help people if I can make it happen. Won't be anytime soon (prototypes are expensive y'all), but it's nice to see progress. Maybe in the next 2-3 years I'll have the funds to start building it. Working hard with fingers crossed!

In other business news I'm a little bit excited about next year. I've been working towards my plan of starting dual businesses in food and beauty for a while now. Things are finally coming to fruition and at the end of 2021/beginning of 2022 I'll be heading over to Asia to meet up with and present my ideas directly to investors and potential business partners. These guys don't fuck around and they're the real deal so I'm nervous about it. I have a great pair of mentors who have been pushing me and guiding me for the past two years from the start. I'm preparing with everything I've got to make them proud. I also have a small but driven team backing me up and we all work well together.

For myself I'm enjoying the process of writing my first novel under my own pen name. I've freelanced for 5 years on and off as a ghostie and it's a lot of fun. There's more similarities with writing your own shit than there are differences and I'm glad I've got that experience to draw on. If everything goes well I'm planning to reward myself in April/May with a whole 2 week vacation. No writing, no business stuff. A lot of sleep, exercise, good food and basically doing a whole lot of nothing. I'm busy in my work right now and I love what I do, but it'll be nice to have some dedicated time to being an aimless slob.

Final thought: I think my drawing is improving. It's still terrible, but sometimes you can guess what it is from the general feeling.

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    1. MadraRua Feb 26, 2020
      @celleit Your way too polite :D But thanks for taking the time. Looks like you got quite a lot on your plate. I really appreciate it;
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    2. imK Feb 26, 2020
      @MadraRua Thank you for the cupcake. I'm still reading my way through all of your chapter translations. Once I finish I will make some comments. Site looks clean and easy to read. Thank you for your hard work :aww:
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    3. MadraRua Feb 26, 2020
      I got you a cupcake as a little reward. Love the attitude. Positivity abounds.
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    4. imK Feb 26, 2020
      @Femme Fatale thank you. Ah, you got the tickets? That's great! Your daughter must be over the moon. Kudos to having awesome parents. Your hubby sounds like a bright, smart guy. A lot like my dad (+1 for kiwi blokes). Will definitely keep you in the loop as things happen. You're a great friend to have and the pleasure is all mine :blobuwu:
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    5. Femme Fatale Feb 26, 2020
      I love your attitude and it's infectious. :) So many horrible events going on around us, it's good to see some productive positivity. \o/

      I bought those tickets I mentioned to World of Wearable Arts. My 13 year old deserves a holiday of just normal stuff, it was so great surprising her with the tickets. >.<

      Talking about engines, that is really exciting stuff. My hubby once got plans for an engine that runs on water but never got around to doing anything with them. He's not an engineer, but he's like real savvy in that he will research and try everything I may have degrees, but he is such a font of true skills. I admire that in people. He is trying to get our kids into that frame of mind which is awesome. He's so patient and real, ya know? Kiwi blokes, aye?

      Keep us in the loop @celleit , I think I'm on the way to awe with you too. :aww::aww::aww:
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    6. imK Feb 26, 2020
      I'm very lucky to be alive and do what I want. Of course I've worked crazy hard to have my life and not everything is roses. I just learn from the bad stuff and keep pushing towards what is good and desirable. Why make it harder for myself? Life throws the challenges, so I can overcome them. Thank you very much for reading and sharing with me too.
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    7. 25th bamm Feb 26, 2020
      I'm glad you are enjoying the good things in life. I know this isn't your whole life, past or present. You probably have some other things that are hard to deal with. This is just a snip-it of your thoughts and stuff but the general view is positive. I don't know you but I'm happy to know there is someone enjoying life for life. I hope your business stuff, novel, and vacation all continue smoothly.
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