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It's funny how I barely felt anything when I read about human swine. Probably because it's not that descriptive, at most two paragraphs.

I read about how XXX colonials punished a guy (I read it in my native language) and my stomach is currently churning.

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    1. Jevanka926 Sep 14, 2021
      @Cutter Masterson @Munimuyi well, just like how I am probably a villainess in someone's life, it also applies in historical things. Anyway, I read about how a guy got his upper body (probably somewhere under his waist) then two irons were pushed into his body, then he was hung (?) Anyway they got a chair to keep straighten him up or something. It's said that people who got that punishment wouldn't instantly die as one could even stay alive for 8 days.

      I read this under a thread where someone I followed posted a pic of a general who lead the fight against colonials on his land. It's a pretty famous war. Anyway, he got executed, and his skull was brought to XX country.

      Then someone on the reply posted a pic of a book's page that contains that graphic description. I read it at 7 am or something. I almost couldn't eat my breakfast
    2. Munimuyi Sep 14, 2021
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    3. Cutter Masterson Sep 14, 2021
      It’s interesting how history is written by the victor. If you ever read stories from the other side experience. You always come to realize how many things aren’t as black or white as they seem.
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