An Action Movie: The Man From U.N.C.L.E



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The agents' look are too good. I can't stop squealing. Damn, I suddenly want a boyfriend like them. I'm not sure if the movie exaggerates the accent though. Anyway, so damn cute. And is the daughter the FL for agent 1? Cuz they'll be so cute together


    1. Jevanka926 Oct 13, 2021
      Since the actor who acted as Agent 2 doesn't sound like a good person + the studio's profit was miserable, I don't think we'll be able to get a sequel
    2. Jevanka926 Oct 13, 2021
      I'm sad. I really am. How could they not end together? Not even an official couple?
    3. Jevanka926 Oct 13, 2021
      I need a damn sequel
    4. Jevanka926 Oct 13, 2021
      I will be very disappointed if she and Agent 2 didn't get married
    5. Jevanka926 Oct 13, 2021
      Damn. She's also an agent?
    6. Jevanka926 Oct 13, 2021
      Okay, Bae, now I'm a bit broken hearted your fake fiancee is so cute but you betrayed him. Also, the other neat guy
    7. Jevanka926 Oct 13, 2021
      Agent 1 be like; "You told me to watch how you work, so I'll be sitting here on a truck drinking wine while you're on a boat being a target of guns,"
    8. Jevanka926 Oct 13, 2021
      Gosh, Agent 1 used a tool to cut through the fence meanwhile Agent 2 grabbed his laser. But to open the door they had to rely on the Agent 1's pin because Agent's 2 fancy tool took too long