Missing my peers (*¯︶¯*)



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I can barely remember what happened on the making and performance of this theater play. But this is one of my happy memories before the pandemic.


Cheers to this day~



    1. Eru101 Nov 23, 2021
      @Servant to One

      I can imagine how you felt like you fucked up when you were dead wrong about that club lolol

      Peers and gossip-- That looked really fun~
    2. Servant to One Nov 23, 2021
      @Eru101 In my country Co-curricular activities is mandatory, so I chose drama club because of the air-con and thought it was slack. I was dead wrong. Also I did not know this at the time but the club was filled with girls and only me and other boy was in the same year. I befriended the girls and got to hear the gossip, so a plus. I too gradually became a more active member in the club.
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    3. Eru101 Nov 23, 2021
      @Servant to One

      Wow~ That must have felt really good, not only it is unexpected but it is also unexpectedly good~

      But why did you join a club you hate? Is it mandatory?
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    4. Eru101 Nov 23, 2021
    5. Servant to One Nov 23, 2021
      Ah I remember before the pandemic. I was part of the drama club. It was my last year at school. We entered a festival, we could either obtain a participation or a distinction. I actually hated the club at first but slowly I came to participate into the club. At my last year in school I was the main character (ironic as I usually was rude and talk back to my teacher in my first year) and we achieved the distinction.
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    6. One Perfect Veteran Nov 23, 2021
      good memories, thank you for sharing
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    7. Cutter Masterson Nov 23, 2021
      Good times
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    8. Tech is life Nov 23, 2021
      I can imagine it.
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