My sour strawberry dilemma



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The strawberries from my garden are so sour, but actually they could be very sweet if we wait a few more days before picking them.

But waiting for a few more days is a matter of actually eating the strawberries or surrendering them to small wild birds.

Like this one red strawberry. It's now warming the belly of one lucky small bird in this rainy afternoon.

The plant is newly-potted a month ago, taken from the side garden so we could display it in front of the front window.
I took the above picture sloppily yesterday thinking that maybe I should pick it today or tomorrow, with the greedy thoughts of sweetness. The pot is under the roof and not very exposed so I thought it would be safe to leave it for a while.
And I got nothing in the end :blobdrool:

We joked several times that we deliberately plant strawberries to feed birds, or sometimes ants and other small animals. The thought is nice but I still want my strawberries.


    1. meliori Nov 23, 2021
      @Servant to One XD yeah that gave it away, I'm from south east Asia.
      The really good durians can be too costly for me and I never have special cravings for them so I never bothered to look :blobxd: I stay in my comfort zone and stick with fruits I know I'd like :blobxd:
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    2. Servant to One Nov 23, 2021
      @meliori I see you are either from the Asean region or somwhere near there. Yeah mangosteen is sometimes actually sour, the big flesh that has the seed is sour. Durian has varying taste like bitter, sweet and one can even numb your tongue. So you just have to find the right one.
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    3. meliori Nov 23, 2021
      @Servant to One Ooh I never encountered sour mangosteen. In my impression it's a very sweet fruit, I love it
      I actually like the hint of sweetness in durians smell, there's a lot of durian trees near my school and it's very enticing when in season. But I have a mild tongue and can't stand intense tastes, so I don't like eating them :blobsweat_2:
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    4. meliori Nov 23, 2021
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    5. Servant to One Nov 23, 2021
      I like sour things more. Especially mangoes, mangosteen and sour strawberries. Also durian, the king of fruits. Absolutely love it. Custardy and mildly bitter-sweet but it has a strong odour.
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    6. Tech is life Nov 23, 2021
      I just had some sweet strawberries yesterday which was quite the treat
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