my hands are shaking, why you doing this to me

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Bad Storm

»Someone go get me some more confetti«
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i fell and i fell hard
and as my broken bones
scatter amidst the splattered flesh
i cannot get rid of the thought
that maybe, just maybe
I'm am still falling
and forever will i fall

someone, wake me up


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    1. Cutter Masterson Nov 25, 2021
      Well @Bad Storm . Your are a remarkable person. Keep striving forward. Well be here if you need us
    2. Bad Storm Nov 25, 2021
      @Cutter Masterson and @Tech is life

      I generally don't like explain much tbh. But i won't say it's a broken heart. Rather it was feeling the fall long after you've reached the ground. The fall here being a past i took a grueling road and decisions to move on from.
    3. Tech is life Nov 25, 2021
      @Cutter Masterson yess... I could be wrong too as I dunno what stormy us thinking but probably she feels that she has just started experiencing despair and she will continue fall deeper in it
    4. Cutter Masterson Nov 25, 2021
      @Tech is life I gather as much. But the event that cause these emotions. I believe was a broken heart. At least that’s what seems to fit in this poem. I could be wrong of course
    5. Tech is life Nov 25, 2021
    6. Riru__1233 Nov 25, 2021
      “I’ve come to talk abt your cars extended warranty~~”

      (Is that even the meme??)
    7. Cutter Masterson Nov 24, 2021
      Sounds like a broken heart to me
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    8. Tech is life Nov 24, 2021
      My hands are shaking, my heart is trembling.
      Cause tomorrow I have my most feared exams
      Why you doing this to me?