Pledge of Lolicon


Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi

The Loli Who Visits at Midnight, Female,12
Blog Posts:
  1. I will love lolis with all my heart, and all my soul on till the day I die.
  2. I shall never harm a loli, directly or indirectly, intentional or unintentional.
  3. I will disregard even my own life if it means saving a loli's life.
  4. I will never approach a loli with ill-intentions, nor will I force myself upon them.
  5. I will never recognize a harem if a loli is not a part of it no matter what.
  6. I will curse every single being who has a loli lover with no exceptions whatsoever.
  7. I will treasure every item a loli has given to me no matter the content.
  8. I will abide by the supreme rule "Yes Loli, Y- No Touch." Above all else
  9. (I will never support Onee-sans, wether they're big or flat.)
  10. (Flat is Justice, this I hold in my heart, my soul and my life.)
I hereby declare; I am a Lolicon for now and forever more. In death or in life, in sickness or in health. I will be a Lolicon.

Fun Fact: By reading this you have become a Lolicon

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    1. Cutter Masterson Nov 24, 2021
      I agree with everything. Except the last two. Just saying
    2. Arbelbyss Nov 24, 2021
      It breaks the oaths Tsukiko.
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    3. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi Nov 24, 2021
    4. Arbelbyss Nov 24, 2021
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