My lustful affection, my love…



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Note:(This is my first time writing smut but I advise those who are underage to take caution and proceed at you own risk)

So beautiful,

How can one be this…this enchanting? Getting lost with every moan that echoes out of your mouth, i can’t help but drown in every sound, every whimper…I smile as they fill my ears like sweet nothings. Sooner or later my slow and hard thrust that I effortlessly tried to withheld begin to quicken, quickly making the room be filled with siren and beautiful symphonies created by you and me…

“So lovely” I smile with but a thought within my head.

what a dream I was in while I gaze into your beautiful trembling eyes, a sneaky smirk made it’s way onto my face as I notice your eyes that were once filled with curiosity replaced with ever growing pleasure begging for more as I explore every inch…every fibre of your being.

noticing a cry of some sort I slowed down my pace of my thrust as I heard your cries, with concerning eyes i caressed your face while whispering softly in your ear. Daring not to break my slow loving tender thrusts.

“my love? Are you alright…am I too-?”

“W,what! No- no… you’re just so d,deep I don’t think—” but before you could finish your answer, my conscious broke…in that moment, in that time and place. the thoughts of making you sing the lyrics of my song that I was so desperately writing for you, as my thrusts reached deeper and deeper with every moan you let out making it hard for my mind to

“AHh~…w,wait I haven’t Hick~” with affectionate eyes I laid eager butterfly kisses over every inch of you I could reach, daring not to break my gaze from your own loved filled eyes… ‘lord so lovely she is’ I really couldn’t stand it your are so lovely I really think I could die from how sweet you tasted right now, just having muffled your sweet moans with a passionate kiss on the lips.

(Ok so imma leave it at that…haha my minds kinda run out of juice rn but I hope this tickled your fancy hehe~)

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    1. Tech is life Nov 25, 2021
      It's not like that(─.─||) I don't read s_ ut so if if you do it's gonna bounce over
    2. Riru__1233 Nov 25, 2021
      @Tech is life yeah sleep was starting to plague me I’ll fix it up tmrw…maybe~
    3. Tech is life Nov 25, 2021
      ... well the the expressiveness is good but I don't understand anything....
    4. Riru__1233 Nov 25, 2021
      Some errors here and there must be because it’s late ha— I’ll fix it up later but hope you enjoy ‘my lustful affection’ hehe~ gn <3