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I am what you commonly call, natural born coward! I only have the courage to say 5% of the things that run through my brain and even the 4% of it would be like this, anonymous, hiding behind a computer screen. And that measly 1% left is my occasional talk with my family. So what do you call this? Introvert? Reticent? Shy?

In any case, I myself is quite comfortable this way. The only issue is 95% that thoughts left inside my head tend to go haywire when I'm always thinking about this or that and tend to forget what that this was, by the next second. Yes, you guessed it right. I am a natural born idiot too. But what to do, even idiots should also have some air to breath right? #nondiscrimination lol.

Apart from those above, I'm a quite normal person. I like reading novels, manga, watching anime and occasional tvshows.. and other stuffs cough. I have a dream of becoming the vixen or the side bitch or the great villainess (or whatever you call it) of a lovely relationship which anyone would ship from the get-go. Too bad no such things happen in real life and I can't seem to reincarnate no matter what I do. (I even pricked myself with a cactus a couple of times ya know? sigh). I admire beauties and bad boys(only on the looks) as everyone does. I have lot of ships that I'm desperately trying set sail and some of it already disappeared to the brilliant horizon while some already sank at the docks. Most of, still trying to pull off the anchors that're long buried underneath the decades and centuries of sands.
Oh and I'm suffering from severe case of closet chunnibyou.

All in all, that is who I am. It's nice to meeting all of you. Hoping to get along~ :blobmelt:


    1. Dionysus_GZ Aug 11, 2017
      Writing the rest of 95% thoughts here cuz no one knows who you are (^_^)
      have fun and communicate with us ^_^
    2. NZPIEFACE Aug 10, 2017
      That's one long introduction.

      Low aspirations for life though
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    3. Uno Aug 10, 2017
      Be all you can Be ~teehe~

      I may not be the best person but the least I can say HellO and ✨ WelcomE to NUF ✨

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    4. 1amdude Aug 10, 2017
      how about doing some sand diving? I heard that there's people call 'fanfictioner' who try to recover all those sunken ship.

      might not be perfect, but hey, Its fun~
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    5. SakuraHana Aug 10, 2017
      @syc Arigatou Gozaimasu. :blobsmilehappyeyes:
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    6. SakuraHana Aug 10, 2017
      @Kylarin Lol. Good one! Turning my word back at me haha. :blobxd:
      And don't worry about me. I'm always the mob chara. I love drama but only on the side lines lol.
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    7. syc Aug 10, 2017
      Yay ships \o/. Hope to hear more of your thoughts here~ Everyone on NUF is crazy too anyways (apparently). Yoroshiku ne~
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    8. Kylarin Aug 10, 2017
      Ehhh? I thought you were the one holding in 95% of thoughts tho! How did I become worse... :sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely:

      I dunno tho, I think you're gonna be just fine in this forum, unless you brave the DRAMA and get involved in that rabbit hole. Then you might rage quit or smth :blobpeek: