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Today I'm planning to write about my brother. Yes, my big brother, who's older than me by two years and still trying to get past the college entrance, when I'm already a first year. My brother, whom my family and all the relatives loved more than me as I've felt it in my emo period of youth. My stupid brother, who spends time either watching k-drama or anime all day long instead of actually picking up a book. My freaking brother, who only needs drop of effort from all the amounts I put into doing something to get the same results done as me but still playing too lazy to budge. My damn brother, who doesn't even own any merit over all his 20-something year old life and whom I've been a little jealous of all my 20-something life.

Well actually he's quite a cool guy, that is.. if he wasn't my brother. Now that he is, I feel he's.. pretty useless? as a brother. I mean, he never does any work for himself or for us?(his family). But he just had to be the kind that pleases others no matter what he does, which is why his whole existence gets on my nerves all the time! Garr mukatsku! Everyone in our fam loves him, but they all say how I'm rude? or subversive? for a girl, while my brother is so innocent and agreeable for a guy. Even though I always play the goodey little doll. I was quite depressed over this years back you know. Even though I'm fine now, I know I'm still a little jealous of that damn useless human being.

Apart from all that, I think I don't hate my bro that much. As I've already said he's a pretty cool guy, as a friend. I usually get a bit suspicious of the various things he does. For example he sometimes spends over an hour locked inside the bathroom or when he locks himself inside the storage room upstairs or when he suddenly locks himself up inside his room for half a day. I suddenly get this strong urge to barge in and see(wreck) what he's doing but.. too bad, my cowardice gets in the way. Though I try eavesdropping sometimes(it never works sigh). Plus with All the more suspicious things guys ever does. Mukatsku! mukatsu!!
But that's for another day. Bye now.


    1. Katsono Aug 19, 2017
      My advice: don't try to getting a suspicious doujin-like situation by spying on him... Those kind of things aren't exactly all that good irl >.>
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    2. ryanframes Aug 16, 2017
      Just introduce him to online game, and then his whatever needs of social interaction / emotion needs going to be fulfilled *just like me, but it's not enough :(
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    3. Eve Aug 11, 2017
      Im harvesting my efforts helping and lending money when my brother was in highschool and college.
      Now that he's got diploma and got his licence. Im living off with his money and he can't say much about it.
      I hope he doesn't get a girlfriend in the next 10 2 years. I don't plan wo work yet even though I graduated that same year he had (he's 5 yr course and im 4 so yeah we're 1 yr apart). :p:p:p
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    4. Uno Aug 11, 2017
      Guess this is how my younger siblings would ave thought or feel about me?

      Ho ho dunno bout others but me, I envy the youngest most, which gets plentiful privileges and attentions from middle siblings, parents and the rest of the family while the eldest, imo carries the burdens ~mendokusai~ so that they would look up to you
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    5. 1amdude Aug 11, 2017
      I don't know why, but this really warm my heart.
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    6. m7vpc Aug 10, 2017
      I'm in like the same situation as your big bro so much that when you said "I feel he's.. pretty useless?" it wrecked my heart too.
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    7. abdera7man Aug 10, 2017
      This was something refreshing to read..:)
      You don't know what going on inside you big bro head while he's behaving like this ... As far as I know , and with my personnel experience i think your brother is having a difficult emotional period while he can't bring himself to do something that may break his Daily 'dally' life .. And he resort to watchIng those K-drama to satisfy his emotional needs...so you (your familly) should handle him carefully and give him some distance to get himself together..:)
      As for hating him or loving him..I'm not gonna say something about it beside that this is a normal sentiment a younger sister/brother may fell For his big bro/sis... While you can scold him, curse him .. But you'll never allow anyone to do it ...
      And here is friendly advise ...: don't Ever EVER think about sneaking a peek at what he do in his locked room .. Cuz that may have a negative effect on your relationship, wich will get things awkward and may creat a barrier between you two.....And remember .. Ignorance is a bliss..!

      Ps: i just wanted to say you have written a good blog, don't know how i writed all this :D
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    8. SakuraHana Aug 10, 2017
      @Kylarin Ahahaha. I have a weird feeling that you might be somewhat or exactly like the kind of guy my bro is lol. Sincerely hope not.
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