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More accurately, it's Snake died in my room, or A snake was tragically murdered in my room. Well first of all, I'm not 100% sure whether if it really was one even though I mentioned SNAKE here. It could be some sort of other snake-ish reptile but that not really what matters here, rather it's the fact that IT died(was killed) in my room, by the help of two dumb dogs.

No matter how much I secretly loved cats my fam favors dogs more, so in result we currently own two dogs and zero cats(aside from strays that wanders around). These two dogs are personally owed by my bro and mom. While my sis likes dogs, I absolutely hate them. This incident proves how mutual the hate here is.

Leaving out the bathrooms, storerooms and stuff, our house has full 6 bedrooms. Among the various choices it could've picked, these dumb dogs happened to pick mine as the site of the crime. After making a huge mess around the house they led the snake in to MY ROOM before killing it. :blobangery:

I think this was the first time I screamed so loud after a certain high school field trip. Apparently everyone was alarmed downstairs but no one came up to rescue, so much familial love. So there I was, alone and helpless on top of the island of my bed, screaming at the top of my lungs, while these two dumb dogs running around chasing a reptiles in my room. Also, occasionally swinging the IT left and right with their mouth.. like a whip.. disgusting... snake blood everywhere.. shivers.

Thus now I'm left homeless after this exhilarating event.. no wait! it should be room less. Temporarily lodging in my sisters room for the time being, until the room gets all cleaned up.
I still get nightmares of how THEY bit the poor slithering creature at both ends and pulled both ways till IT broke apart in the middle. OH MY GWADDD!!! I'VE GROWN PERMANANT GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER MY [email protected][email protected])$#_!!! :cry::coffee::sick:

Next day when I went to the neighborhood store to buy some snacks, the old man over there, whom I've never seen laugh in my entire life cracked up and said, 'Please don't scream so loud the next time little miss. You're scaring the neighbors'. Apparently all the neighborhood heard me too...

flips table!!!!!!!! Come see what the hell's going on if you're so alarmed! you damn toothless old [email protected]##%=!! :blobdevil:

I swear these neighbors won't even lift their asses up to see what the hell's going on even if we were to get robbed clean by a gang of thugs! What happened to the kindness, caring nature and humanity??! :mad:

At the end of the day only change that happened was, me becoming homeless(room less) and the joke of the whole neighborhood for next couple of weeks. ugh! :(:blobpensive:


    1. Novel otaku desu Aug 24, 2017
      *pat sa chan* can't believe you have experienced this >~>
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    2. mayy Aug 13, 2017
      Um... Um...
      I guess I should stop screaming about bugs in my room now XD
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    3. AliceShiki Aug 12, 2017
      It must have been tough... Ganbatte! >.<
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    4. Uno Aug 12, 2017
      *pats @SakuraHana*
      Smile smile me luvly flower ✴️✳️❇️
      Somewhere somehow me or someone else is smiling back at ye (。◕‿◕。)

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    5. Kylarin Aug 12, 2017
      Snake!? Snaaaake! *game over music*
      Just had to hehe~ :blobpats:

      Kind of amazing that no one bothered to check up on you, or that the dogs got scared by your screaming!
      You... don't scream often, do you? :blobpeek:

      Poor snake tho, I like snakes! Next time beat those dogs and rescue the poor little fella! :blobtriumph:
      Maybe make it your new pet. Feed and train it, make it strong enough to scare the dogs?
      We did learn one thing tho! Your family apparently is too scared to check up if you're too loud, which... you know. Sometimes useful? I guess? :cookie:

      Your blogs are quality entertainment tho, keep it up.
    6. SakuraHana Aug 12, 2017
      @syc Haha I guess so. I'm getting used to treating this like a diary now lol.
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    7. syc Aug 12, 2017
      You got a good story to tell thanks to it? :eek:
      I'm glad I have cat, it only brings home bugs.
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    8. SakuraHana Aug 12, 2017
      @Hotato Would've been better if I passed out but what if I fell off the bed while fainting and got snake blood all over me too???? Ewwwww! I don't even want to imagine. :notlikeblob::notlikeblob::notlikeblob:
      And what if the snake ran over me???? :sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely: I'm dead!
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