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I have seen plenty of people changing avis all the time, daily, weekly, monthly... Constantly you could say.

Others, have been with the exact same avi ever since I first met them... Others never bothered to set an avatar in the first place.

For me, changing avatars is always a hard thing, I really like almost all pictures I have used as avi, and I want to keep using them for as long as possible.

At the same time, I want to use all the other lovely pics that are waiting on my folder...

It's really hard, you know? I want to use them all, but I never want to change!!! >.<

Sometimes I wonder how can some people never bother to change their avi... And how others change theirs quite often very easily...

Hmmm... Maybe a magical explanation will come to me in due time... I don't know... >.>


    1. AliceShiki Aug 13, 2017
      @SakuraHana Oh, Love Live! I've read a few doujinshis of it! They're cute overall! \(^^)/

      I never read the original series though... >.>

      It's kinda fun to try and read doujinshis without knowing the actual characters, it's an unique experience!

      Hmmmm, being carefree is nice! A lot better than being too rigid IMO!
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    2. SakuraHana Aug 13, 2017
      @brasca123 It's from Love live. It's a shoujo ai story. The picture is from pixiv or something? It doesn't really matter. I think it's cute that you're that carefree. Lol.
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    3. AliceShiki Aug 13, 2017
      @SakuraHana I don't know the source, but the art is really cute! It's a wonderful ship! \(^^)/

      Oh... I'm bad at detecting rhetorical questions!!! >.<
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    4. SakuraHana Aug 13, 2017
      @brasca123 Haha. The question wasn't directed at you, actually it was asking myself. But I guess you're right. I should wait till I find a reason to change it. I already really like my avi after all, it's one of my favorite ships.
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    5. AliceShiki Aug 13, 2017
      @SakuraHana I feel like it depends on you.

      I kept the same avi for a long long time... First time I changed was because of a dare.

      Then, I was on my uni's city and didn't have access to my original avi... So I just started fiddling with avis while I waited until I got home.

      After that, I ended up getting another dare that changed my avi, so the process repeated... I started liking to change, so I started changing often... I always kept the Sakura theme though! \(^^)/

      So... If you feel like changing, change, if not, don't change!
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    6. SakuraHana Aug 13, 2017
      Should I change my profile picture too? Never thought of doing that before.
    7. BlancFrost Aug 13, 2017
      Hmm well I think it's neither good nor bad. Just something you won't need to spend too much time looking for more because you already have so many~
    8. AliceShiki Aug 13, 2017
      @BlancFrost I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing though!!! >.<