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1 am.
There's an exam at 10 am. 70% syllabus left. Gotta finish fast!
Oh well, let's wash all these clothes I've been neglecting over a week.
Ugh! Back hurts...
I suddenly wanna write a NUF blog \o/
Back to washing the clothes (/^.^)/

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    1. AliceShiki Aug 13, 2017
      Exams are sad... Ganbatte Cloudy-chan! I hope you did well!!! >.<
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    2. Kylarin Aug 13, 2017
      Hmm, I remember studying all night for an exam spanning 2 semesters of content in a class, which I didn't really pay attention to... dragged my tired body to the exam after not sleeping and just studying all night.
      The pressure kept me awake, but after seeing the questions and the relief of "oh, I know this!" suddenly made me so tired that I couldn't concentrate and passed it with the worst result possible... asked my prof to let me fail so I could try again, in the end. :notlikeblob: Was an important course after all. :sweating_profusely:
      Get enough sleep before an exam! ><
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    3. SakuraHana Aug 13, 2017
      Reminds me of how I used to study back in first years of high school.
    4. Lonelycity Aug 13, 2017
      Meh we know what you washed.
      Wink wink.
    5. CloudySkySadMoon Aug 13, 2017
      Didn't feel like using the washing machine at that time
    6. 1amdude Aug 12, 2017
      Hand washing? ahhhh
      the pain, the suffering. the bubbles! :aww:
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    7. Lonelycity Aug 12, 2017
      I so know what you mean :ROFLMAO:
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