a void, a drift─



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[Day 2]

One day we all sank in a world that's upside down, drifting in a black void with an unknown future.

Streaming across the empty sky, a black ceiling stretches far and wide─

Leaving countless mysteries being obscured by our vulnerable minds.

Entangled in this cloudless paradox of gray that reverses every existence,

Still we continue to sail in this seemingly meaningless parade of our highschool.

Dreaming alone on my own desk filled with scratches and ebony ink-stained mess,

Suddenly just like the subtle crack of dawn, a blue ocean came splashing unto this silent space.

She was the girl who tried leaping through the thousand barricades of lies in this sad and youthful cage, though without a doubt she failed.

But yet as she continues to climb and fall down while getting up from time to time,

A certain gear on the clock started ticking in this soundless dimension inside my slumbering greed.

Suddenly you dyed this endless darkness with a little bit of hope in a rainbow streak of seven shades.

Trapped within the wave of my untold emotions strangling my throat with the words that I have already abandoned,

Crying and broke so weak, like a flightless bird, I then found all the regrets coming back to deprive me of my wings.

Feelings that have long been buried out into the pleasant colors of nowhere,

Now it's slowly resurfacing somewhere in my heart without warning as the surge of my hollow candescence overflow in meaningful bliss.

As the breeze of life began to embrace our daydreams like reuniting with the phrases of the reality we once swallowed,

You stood there bravely like a butterfly, jumping out into the stars reaching unto the unchanging bright crescent moon─

Pulling me along the universe, moving in static leisurely as the tiny room inside my eyes change with the sight of many countless sceneries.

This time however it's not just a one-way ticket to a farewell fantasy, with new days replacing all the unforgettable bittersweet memories─

Waking up into another morning of hiatus, realizing that it was just the beginning of our story we were yet to write on this blank entry sheet.

─a void, a drift

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    1. passerbyfujofromspace May 13, 2022
      notes: this piece was inspired from sonny boy (an anime about how students that drifted into a new dimension thrive to return to their reality.)

      ps. forgot to post this yesterday so I'mma just stuff it in today's schedule lol (the day three would be posted later in the evening.)