his winter story, our summer story─



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[Day 3]

Just like the winter falling and the slightly unmelted snow,

Our story is yet to end, what awaits is another door ahead.

Interweaved feelings kept distorting,

With that one voice unheard which keeps screaming through the misleading loneliness.

That love just like that of guitar strings,

If gripped too tightly, no melody would speak of a sound.

If gripped too loose, no sound would speak of a melody.

Your heart strings were like that too, filled with fragile feelings of overwhelming pain.

Even if I just strum on it a little it can break the strands entirely and even sully that music of yours.

Embracing the warm breeze leaving winter yet again.

The beginning of my first love bloomed by a summer voice.

With your unrequited reverie from a past untold that came to me.

Our love was a noiseless rhythm unlike that one winter novella,

Not like that evening of a cold breeze─ it was his love story of yesterday.

But still that noiseless rhythm was sweet like this one summer lyrics,

This evening under the heat of the stage─ it was our love story of today... and of our tomorrow that is slowly unfolding

─his winter story, our summer story.

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    1. passerbyfujofromspace May 15, 2022
      @IamJustthisweirdreader hehe ty I'm a creative fujo u see,, ( ;∀;) as they say a writer's pain leads to art (still agonizing over mafuyu not getting over yuki, he even remembers the clock of his ex when he went to uenoyama's house.)
    2. IamJustthisweirdreader May 14, 2022
      So that's why I felt it's a little familiar but i just couldn't point it out .
      But it's so beautiful:blob_plusone::blob_plusone:
      Just reading it gives me butterflies
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    3. passerbyfujofromspace May 13, 2022
      ─note: to those who read and watch bl this may sound familiar and the reason for that is because this was inspired from given and the lyrics of “fuyu no hanashi” or “winter story” ,, that one song mafuyu sang for his ex which made me cry so much the first time I heard it.
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