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I reach and grab inside my head
The nasty things that I have read
I wish that I could bite my tongue
Undo all that was said and done

I reach and grab inside my eye
The window where you can see the lie
You see my soul can't even shout
In scorching blaze that won't go out

I reach and grab inside my womb
For all will end inside a tomb
It's all for naught why don't you see?
Everything will just end in misery

I reach and grab inside my heart
The very last and only part
Where I see white when all is black
Is there still a way to go back?

I reach and grab all that I can
I understand it's all just very human
Just looking forward towards that bead of light
Just keep stumbling through the endless night


    1. Shizukani May 13, 2022
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    2. Agentt May 13, 2022
      This really sounds like duck
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    3. Grandpa_World May 13, 2022
      @Shizukani I can pay you in nuffies. Now we just need a sick track behind it
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    4. Shizukani May 13, 2022
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    5. Grandpa_World May 13, 2022
      Can you record a dubbed rap version for me?
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