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Today I've just realized, one of the qualities that I search in my partner is someone who will respect and listen to my opinions and willing to communicate. While I say respect and listen, I did NOT mean to obey me fully with no reservations. Respect and that are two different things.

Anyways, I just want someone who will not me dismiss my feelings and opinions, someone who is willing to listen to my words.

My mom told me, that I'm too young to think about marriage. But maybe I'm too afraid of repeating the mistakes made by the people older than me, to the point I want to make sure that I'm cautious enough.

I don't want my children to feel what I feel or felt. I want to make sure that they will get a father who will protect, appreciate, and love them. I want to make sure that I will get husband who will respect, love, and treat me well.

I don't even know whether it's a bare minimum or something. Or maybe I've set the bar too high.

I don't know why I write this. Maybe I just need to vent.


    1. Servant to One Jun 19, 2022
      Having a loving husband is the bare minimum and vice versa having a loving and caring wife is too. Marriage is a blessing there is no such thing as too young only the situation affects the thought of it. I can go on but this is my surface thoughts.