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So, it's tuesday I was going to write how was my day ah no, how was my week yesterday ( yesterday was monday right??)( oh nvm xD I checked the date, yes it was monday silly brain)
Anyways, I'm looking at my journal to sort of get a sense of what I did last week, oh I switched to a new one, I've been using those thin A5 ones cause, I just like them and they're a lot less intimidating for me so it's been easier to write in it. But for last week I was using the old one.

Right last week, it was a rather uneventful week is that the word hmm, don't know, I did manage to catch up more on my school work but the ones that I really needed to catch up on was neglected, so I tried to do those that week but I was unsuccessful orz.. but oh well, so I rescheduled it to this week (didn't really have a choice xD) I wouldn't say it was a productive week, but it wasn't that unproductive either...
I used um, my journal to track and manage my tasks and school work, one page is for my list of tasks and half of that page was for the tasks that I completed. Another page would be for my daily schedule, my day would usually start at 11am to 12pm and end at 3am to 4am. So I spilt the page vertically and then do some time blocking, most of it were just schoolwork but I do give myself some time around 5pm to 6pm sometimes to do some other stuff like, showering, eating, or napping. Altho if I want to nap I would nap like around 5pm so I could wake up at 1-2 hours later.
It worked, like I used that system or whatever it's called for weeks now, it does work, pretty simple too. But, like I've been observing how much school I finish using it, it's okay, that's all I can say haha, but yeah, I'm changing it this week I think or next week, this time I'll use google calendar and keep but mostly google calendar for the whole scheduling to see if that would make me finish more work.

I used google calendar before for this sort thing, ah but, it was too messy and I still was a little dumb then when scheduling and time-blocking stuff orz... so I stopped xD
I have a more, ah, organized? structured? yeah, just a lot less messier than before so that's some good progress I'm quite proud of that xD

Another thing I was proud about, it's just some little stuff but I was really happy ahh
So I was terrible at time management, not that I'm very good now, but yeah, my time management skills was shit. Wait, no it wasn't shit actually, it was non-existent xD

I don't know what got to me that I started the whole scheduling in my thing, ah but I'm thankful I did that impulsively at 2am
When I did all the scheduling I had only 3 days planned but it felt good, I wasn't following it strictly but I was relieved and more like willing I guess? willing to actually do some productive stuff, it was less intimidating after I wrote them all down and also assigned dates and time to them. And there was two three days that I'm most proud of from week 1 and 2 of june, I finished so much work then. I surprised myself, I was in such a good much afterwards haha, I even boasted it to my mom
I forgot how it went, but I remember holding my journal and then showing it her ( I'm guessing I had a very large smile then xD no it's not a guess, I'm pretty sure haha) and I also remember my voice and just overall mannerisms was like, it's similar to when I got rewards and medals xD like for competitions and like when you get a prize in a game, same energy xD Oh I would have wanted to see what I look like haha, even it's sort of silly but yeah, it made me happy.
(also sort of, hmm, gave me more hope and motivation?)

Even tho my energy slumped like a after a week probably either I was unwell then or something happened, oh right, cat died probably that too?
But the following days were, great, I bought some art books, they were second hand it was booksale store, something like that. And another good thing that happened was, I finally sort of got the courage to seriously talk to my mom about what I wanted for college (thanks to @amilhs for encouraging me xD) I did it sneakily first tho xD I didn't outright say it, I mentioned me and cousin's conversation the night before first hehe (and it was on purpose xD but I was also curious what my cousin was planning) so this was how it sort of started:

me: "uh ma, I talked to cousin's name last night, did you know that he already had a plan on what course he wanted and what he planned to do after blah blah - it was a surprise since he didn't have any plan or anything before then ahaha blah blah *more talking*"

Then mom replied that was good, he finally has some plan and stuff and then the thing I was expecting! haha, so she asked me "so how about you? what do you want plan to do?"
hehe so my plan worked xD I did it deliberately of course, so then I started talking about the stuff xD ( i think for her it wasn't unexpected but she was still surprised, I mean, whenever she asked me that question before I would usually just talk about I was going to pick civil engineering, I didn't consider picking multimedia arts or fine arts at all xD)

so all that good stuff happened a few weeks before last week btw xD last week was just okay but I did buy another art book, it was for oil painting this week

that's about it I think, I'll see you all next week probably~
have a nice week everyone!


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