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♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) hello guys, so remember Aster? No? I'm sure i posted a blog with
sketches of him in my sketchbook before, >.> The hair looks awful now that i look at it, so anyways y'all know my last blog about me forgetting to save... Orz, i just noticed how the hair is similar to that OC of mine and decided that's gonna be him from now on XD.

So as y'all can see, I'm practicing on how j would do lineart and color with it, so far so good, I'm slowly getting the hang of it, the lighter my hand=much better XD

I hate the hair in this orz, and look at the lines here! It's a no-no for me, i found my ways now~ = i struggle with lineart or something to do with 'pen' in general when it comes to digital art, i didn't like how crisped, and bold the typical lineart pen looked so i just did the lineart with my fav brush XD which i uses for basically everything now, i mainly use that brush and airbrush and other is just for whatev reason.

Right! I was talking about Aster, so um.. Aster.. idk, he was one of the support characters from the random generated stories in my brain.. he's the brother of the mc.. err, forget that, I'll create a new one orz. So Aster have that defying logic hair, (his hair will be the death of me fr, ...fuck other angles of his head agh) mole under his right eye and beside one in left eye, obviously from his character design, he's impatient, grumpy, and sassy, he likes flowers and plants:)) i didn't drew the whole body but he have plant tattoos on his legs and other parts too, I'm planning putting more in his chest to arm, and abdomen to back, hmm TATTOO NECK IS HOT, yes i should have that, but it should be meaningful orz.. maybe his favourite plang or something?

He love plant bc the grandma who used to take care of him also love plants and grew up with it so after her death... No, let's make the grandma alive :(( GRANDMA IS BADASS yesss, I'm literally so sleepy rn idk even know what I'm writing, so basically this boy aster got his attitude from his loving grandma, ah yes that make sense!

Help me orz, give me some good character traits/quirks that y'all think might suit him


    1. nobleflowrrleaves13 Jun 22, 2022
      i think a trait/quirk that would suit him would be that he’s a neat person.. idk that just came off the top of my head.. but at the same time i just like neat people so maybe im biased
    2. nobleflowrrleaves13 Jun 22, 2022
      oh. my. he’s perfect?!? aaaah i have never seen such pretty art!!! i love the character he’s cute, piercings are always one of my favorite things to see on characters. (*☻-☻*)
    3. Stripedhatbecomesgay Jun 22, 2022
      You should make people misunderstand that his tattoos on his legs is actually hair
    4. deadlyexistence23 Jun 22, 2022
      !! That's hot, yk what let's filled him up with moles, I'll draw one on his neck, chest, arms and hands too... I have to do a character sheet orz, his aesthetic would be grunge ofc, main pallete would probably be red and black, hmm yeah,
      I'll do a spread lf his hands too.. rings.., his leg tattoo, HOW ABOUT A SCAR, where do i put that? GOSH, speaking of scars i should draw one of my oc too(kaisen), i still haven't drawn him digitally. Ahh i i wond if i would even do this but yeahh
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    5. Agentt Jun 22, 2022
      Mmm, i prefer them on neck, marks the kissing spot
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    6. deadlyexistence23 Jun 22, 2022
      His red hair is a plus for me, i love red hair, i love coloring it too, it's such a pretty color ahh
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    7. deadlyexistence23 Jun 22, 2022
      Moles r vv hot, so *puts 2* hot 2x
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    8. Agentt Jun 22, 2022
      2 moles on the same person is a power we haven't seen before
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