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This is really just random info for my BL/Smut/18+ Face of the Devil fanfic. I figure I'd leave it here as a present for those who are able to find it.

I was thinking of only writing smut scenes, to be honest, but I got too invested in it and basically started writing an actual short story. It's frustrating because I need to do other things (like plan out my trip to Japan), but I've been possessed into writing this story!

Main Setting: Victorian London, alternate universe (since FotD goes through many alt verses).

Thoughts on homosexuality: Although the previous era (Georgian era) punished sodomy with death, the rise of Victorian era Aesthetes led to the appreciation of love for love's sake. Novels such as Maurice and essays such as 'Sexual Inversion' led to a better understanding of male-male relationships. Aesthetes especially loved Edward Carpenter's work, Homogenic Love and Its Place in a Free Society and Havelock Ellis's essay, 'Sexual Inversion.' "Love for love's sake" became the rallying cry. The courts gradually stopped prosecuting those caught in such acts and pardoned those who were already imprisoned.
Although homosexuality was accepted by some, it was still looked down upon by the gentry. Those who cling to the older views and reject the Aesthetic viewpoint would tout that homosexual relationships are inferior and God would never bless such a couple. At present time, homosexual men were tolerated, at best.
Thoughts on Sex: Anonymous sex, spanking porn, S&M, and other types of eroticism already took root in the Georgian era, but the Victorian era took that to even further extremes. Most brothels were equipped with flagellation impedimenta. Gay brothels were also available, "gay cruising" and picking up "park whores" were activities that occurred on a nightly basis (note, this is actually true in our world as well haha).

Character Notes (Spoilers): Romeo has a copy of Maurice. Ivan is an Aesthete. A lot of things are going to be blamed on Ivan for being the best friend that spoils Romeo.

Romeo's London Townhouse Layout
Basement: Plate Room, Wine Cellar, Butler's Pantry, Still Room, Housekeeper's Storage Room, Closets
First Floor:
Second Floor:
Third Floor:
Master Bedroom. Bathroom. Dressing Room.
Fourth Floor:
Guest Bedrooms and Bathrooms
Butler's Bedroom
Fifth Floor (Unused): Maids' Room, Housekeepers' Room, Night Nursery, Day Nursery

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      I'll be honest in saying I skipped 99% of the post because I honestly wasn't interested on the details of your SS, but what I can tell you is... Ganbatte! It might seem harmful rn, but the feeling of refreshment that comes when you complete those obssessions is great!!! \(^^)/
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