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So how did that make you feel? Get clickbaited? >_> people are way too defensive of "attacks" on their preferences. Every so often we either see a harem-hate thread that gets bombarded with pro-harem or maybe a thread about why JP sucks.

What people need to understand is that pretty much everything translated is shit. Some stuff is just slightly less shitty than others. Plot mechanics badly used, repetitive plot, terrible characterization. This is what you get with a lot of web novels. Many of the authors are concerned with meeting their quota or getting views so they aim for the wish-fulfillment crowd. If you look closely, you can tell that most shitty novels are failed copies of better novels. They try to copy a success but fail cause their skills aren't up to scratch.

A novel that seems good to you now, probably won't later on. I feel like people get stuck wearing rose-tinted glasses. Everything has flaws, some critically so. Criticism of a work is good. That will either make your beliefs more validated or change your opinion to something better. So stop freaking out when people say something sucks and take the time to challenge their opinion and learn something. Cause if you don't, you're wasting your time yelling.


    1. Loni4ever Oct 25, 2017
      Like @Tramsloof , I thought the title was about this blog post itself, similar to "whoever reads this is dumb" XDD
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    2. MEGA SPARTA CHICKEN Oct 19, 2017
      I am OFFENDED!
    3. MantouInv Oct 17, 2017
      I'm terribly offended >:C MGA, ATG, and (insert generic af, dense mc, harem jp novel) are the best.
    4. Asf Oct 17, 2017
      This is the reason why youve been beaten black and blue on those mod beauty contest lately parth.. <_<.
    5. asriu Oct 15, 2017
      where da shit?
    6. NZPIEFACE Oct 15, 2017
      Oh fuck off
    7. Poor_Hero Oct 14, 2017
      which shit you read btw?
    8. kenar Oct 13, 2017
      Withdrawal symptoms? I think if you say "your waifu is a shit" in anime community will trigger someone. Lol
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