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It's been 1 and half year since I swore to take my "korean lifestyle" seriously.. It's pretty costly to be honest.

Korean products are all so expensive and that I am living in a place that is inadequate with it. I had to order everything online. I mean the product itself is expensive but the shipping is even more expensive. >.<

Oh well but seeing how my skin is kinda nice and people can't help but praise and admire me for it. You just know you can't stop.

My looks right now because of skincare and before is totally different. The thing is makeup can really hide all your inperfections but it can never hide your aging skin and blemishes.

And the thing that I learned from following this regime is to be DILIGENT. No matter how tired I was or sleepy I had to do my night routine because I know if I skip at least one time.. I would do it everytime wasting all my previous efforts.

Anyway here are my all new korean products straight from Korea ~!!!
Koala Tip:

Mixing your BB cream with soothing gel would make the coverage nicer and it also moisturizes your skin~!♥


    1. Koalala Oct 16, 2017
      @DollHead You should shower everyday!! Especially after working out ~!!! And pay attention to your underarms and sweaty parts as to avoid bacteria lurking there ~!
      I do simple DIY at home too ~! Like honey/greentea/oatmeal/aloe face masks.
    2. DollHead Oct 15, 2017
      Hey Madame gimme a male tip I kinda have mixed skin and I'm in intense sport season (40 minute cardio 1 hour body building 1 hr gymnastics and 20 minute yoga daily ) meaning I got sweaty as hell so any tips I mean how many time should I shower per week should after or before training should i use products (I was pale kinda lost it along the way) and finally any natural or home made idea to help
    3. MasterCuddler Oct 14, 2017
      :sushi_singing:Much thanks, stay beautiful:sushi_cool:
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    4. Koalala Oct 14, 2017
      @MasterCuddler , Thank you very much for passing by ~

      May I know your location ?

      You can buy Aloe Vera Soothing Gel on The Face Shop or Nature's Republic. If you don't have physical store just like me. You can always buy in Amazom or Ebay.

      Pores and mixed skin you say?
      I have the same problem .. and double cleansing and toner is the only way to treat that.

      Because basic cleanser are unavailable at my place I used ..

      Garnier Miccelar Water
      Garnier Facial Foam
      Nivea Exfoliator (every other day to open pores)
      Nivea Toner (to close the pores)

      Tip: Washing with warm water would open up the pores and cleans it reducing the inflammation.

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    5. MasterCuddler Oct 14, 2017
      Where do you get aloe Vera gel 100% can u reccomend some products good for pores and mix skin
    6. Koalala Oct 13, 2017
      @Hotato Thanks ~~ It was good enough that .. that was the only one because English is my third language lol
    7. Hotato Oct 13, 2017
      I don't want to be that guy pointing out spelling error but >.>

      Deligent --> Diligent
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    8. Koalala Oct 13, 2017
      @Notaborax First, as if i have money for that and second, I am already beautiful. Like hell i need that shit.
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