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Am I the only one who writes down the names of the manhwa, manga, manhua's that I read. Not only that I also write down what I watch like any series or movies. Like to me in phones and tablets you can lose whatever you're reading but if you write them down you'll always remember them. That's why I write down everything I want to remember. I write down the things I'm currently reading and also things that I've completed. I also write down the title of fanfics I read that I want to remember. So am I the only one?

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    1. Giratina Sep 21, 2022
      @Issis same. I have all my friends and family's birthdays and phone numbers written down. So I would be mad and angry if I lost them.
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    2. Issis Sep 20, 2022
      I also write all that down!! Not at all good at remembering dates or anything to do with numbers... I still have the birthdays of my friends and family written, anniversaries, and emails, passwords, etc..
      I don't think I cried.. I was angry..really angry.
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    3. Giratina Sep 20, 2022
      that's sad if I lose my notebook where I write everything down I might cry a lot. Since 1. The notebook was a present from my mom and 2. I have everything written down in it. Like phone numbers and names and stuff like that.
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    4. Issis Sep 20, 2022
      I used to save them on word, make a table and write everything down! But I lost all of them..:blobsob:
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    5. Issis Sep 20, 2022
      Yeah.. it's difficult! I don't remember all the names (covers help me in that) and when I want to look for a novel I have to go through the whole list!! Like 165 saved and now I have to go through all of them!! Gives me a headache really...
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    6. Giratina Sep 20, 2022
      @Issis even if I do that I feel as if though I won't find it later on. Like I was reading this one novel and when I wanted to read it again I couldn't find it. I thought I saved it, but I didn't, and now I'm still looking for it, I haven't found it yet. I really want to find it. So after that I just write down the name of everything read.
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    7. Issis Sep 20, 2022
      I don't read paperback now, last I read was 2 years ago..
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    8. Issis Sep 20, 2022
      I used to... but now I can mark them as read/watched so it isn't a problem..
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