Are you the kind of person that easily bore/bear grudges or hate someone who offended you?



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Me? "..... "
Yes... "....."

I don't know why but, I really can't forget it easily even though it is year ago a month,, when I remember it I can still feel the hate even if it's just a little thing that make me hate that person... "......."

My bad,, "......"
I think my heart is not that strong "="

Iwillhateyou "....." Lols.... D)

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    1. Alina Moktan Jan 10, 2018
      Mine is longest grudge is 10 minutes. Minute later I started talk them and thinking myself why I hate them.
    2. Skullie Jan 9, 2018
      The longest grudge for me is 5 mins since I have the brain of 100 birds.....
      (One bird = 3 seconds memories right?)
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    3. Lapin Jan 8, 2018
      The longest grudge I had was an hour. I'm indifferent and has low eq that's why I tend to just brush things off
    4. Osamaru Jan 7, 2018
      I'm the opposite. I can't stay mad for every long. it makes me uncomfortable.
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    5. Xieljhane Nov 17, 2017
      Ah,, brother?
    6. m7vpc Nov 16, 2017
      Sister, is that you?
    7. Skullie Nov 10, 2017
      I wish I can be mad at someone for a long time
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    8. Tramsloof Nov 8, 2017
      I am indifferent towards people most of the times when they manage to offend me somehow.

      But mentally I assign them a number in red, the greater it is, the more they left a bad impression.

      Why I assign these numbers is, because of my indifferent nature I forget faces, names and even the offending things people did. I may be willing to forgive, but I don't believe in forgetting.

      So when, and if I see these people in future, those numbers will come to me. I may not remember what they did to piss me off in past, or even who the hell they are, but I remember very well just how well they managed to offend me.
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