Are you the kind of person that easily bore/bear grudges or hate someone who offended you?



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Me? "..... "
Yes... "....."

I don't know why but, I really can't forget it easily even though it is year ago a month,, when I remember it I can still feel the hate even if it's just a little thing that make me hate that person... "......."

My bad,, "......"
I think my heart is not that strong "="

Iwillhateyou "....." Lols.... D)

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    1. Xieljhane Nov 17, 2017 at 1:33 AM
      Ah,, brother?
    2. m7vpc Nov 16, 2017 at 9:53 PM
      Sister, is that you?
    3. Skullie Nov 10, 2017
      I wish I can be mad at someone for a long time
    4. Tramsloof Nov 8, 2017
      I am indifferent towards people most of the times when they manage to offend me somehow.

      But mentally I assign them a number in red, the greater it is, the more they left a bad impression.

      Why I assign these numbers is, because of my indifferent nature I forget faces, names and even the offending things people did. I may be willing to forgive, but I don't believe in forgetting.

      So when, and if I see these people in future, those numbers will come to me. I may not remember what they did to piss me off in past, or even who the hell they are, but I remember very well just how well they managed to offend me.
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    5. Katsono Nov 8, 2017
      Well, maybe if you let it out, it will be easier! You can always try, even if it's just a little or if it's complaining to someone else about it, talking and opening yourself will always help.
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    6. Xieljhane Nov 7, 2017
      Yeah what you said is right I'm to self conscious, I don't express much my self,,
      Like something I don't like happened, but I still pretend that it's ok but deep inside I'm fuming,,

      It's like smiling outside but
      Glaring dagger inside...

      Ahhh... Thanks a lot..
      ....that helps me... :)
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    7. Katsono Nov 7, 2017
      You don't have to love or forgive those persons, or even forget, but you shouldn't consider it important enough for you to feel anything toward it. So, just move on, threat those things as jokes.

      For example a lady skipped in line before me today, I didn't even get angry at it and laughed it off. Small matters like that are annoying but would it be better if I'd made a fuss? Just forgetting they exist is better for everybody!

      It's not weird or anything, I think you're just someone maybe a bit self-conscious too and introverted? Maybe you have trouble expressing yourself and build up a lot inside?
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    8. Xieljhane Nov 7, 2017
      @Katsono ,, yeah your right but it's just not that simple for me....

      Because when I saw that person, it all came back (i mean I remember all the bad things that happened)
      like a nightmare that haunted you every night"....."

      I really don't understand I'm the kind of person that easily forgot many things but if it's bad I can't easily shake it off..

      I'm weird right? "...."

      Thanks for your wonderful advice.. "....))
      I'll try harder now,,