SADISM : a path to ultimate pleasure.



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From ancient times, Sadists have always been ruling the world.
If you go though the anals of history, you will find that Evey successful ruler had sadistic tendencies no matter which part of the world they came from.
Sadistical methods always brought the best results and in turn it gave its followers the bests of pleasures and success in anything and everything.
So, there should be no hesitation for you too to grab that golden rope that is Sadism.


    1. Arcturus Nov 17, 2017
      You still haven't defined a successful ruler. And I'm not all sure where you can point to a "successful" leader with sadistic tendencies. Please give some sort of actual evidence beyond "read their histories" when I have read their histories and do not find such sadistic tendencies. Which leads me to believe that you are either a) a troll (most likely), b) are misinformed about what sadism really is (second most likely), c) completely ignorant. And note I didn't say a ruler had to be completely selfless. Instead, These philosophers would say that a ruler has to have the advantage of their people at the forefront of their mind in order to be successful. Even Machiavelli argues that and public perception of him is rather negative. To your last question, I would argue that, likely, most rulers are neither sadists or masochists, like most people.
    2. Night Ghost Nov 15, 2017
      I haven't read your post yet, but I just want to say that i'm a switch
    3. Midnight Rain Nov 13, 2017
      its either you are an S or you are an M
    4. Thousandswords Nov 8, 2017
      Most of the selfless rulers were murdered, so that disqualifies them from the group of successful rulers.
      If you go through the life history of most rulers that are regarded successful, you will see a very common point, no matter how small it is, they all had some sadistic tendencies.
      Most of all can you even imagine a masochistic King/Emperor???

    5. Arcturus Nov 8, 2017
      I'm not sure how you even correlate sadism to successful rulership. Particularly when you don't even define what successful rulership is. Many early philosophers would argue that successful political governance is predicated on a sort of selflessness.
    6. Thousandswords Nov 8, 2017
      What is a piece of masochistic shit doing here!!!
      Go die somewhere before you contaminate the air more with you toxic breathing.
    7. Thousandswords Nov 8, 2017
      I said every successful rulers, just read their history, even though some might seem they are kind, if You read closely, you will notice they have some sadistic characteristics, no matter how small amount it is but it exists.
    8. DollHead Nov 7, 2017 a masochistic tho