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received_2048261288521033.jpeg Grammar Nazis are good and all but there are some people who seriously ticks me off especially when they can't even write or speak themselves.

I mean before you point out somebody's mistake at least show that you can do it better or perfectly. Or else I'll just think that you're being a piece of shit.

Like me, English is basically my third language and I must admit that I am really bad at it compared to other people but hey, I'm trying here. Pointing out my mistakes would make me grateful to you as I would be better at it but there are times when someone's just being an ass.

Well, Why am I ranting ?
Just that a friend of mine sent me this without saying much. It was supposed to be funny but it made me pissed off instead. The thing is .. this wasn't the first time that she sent me screenshots of people who were grammatically wrong. I just dislike that kind of sneaky way I guess. That friend of mine graduated from a prestigious university but I am way smarter than she is. My point is .. this kind of thing annoys me ? or prolly I'm just sensitive. Well that's it. Done.

P.S I most likely messed up my grammar here and there... Feel free to correct me. Heh

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    1. m7vpc Nov 16, 2017
      Grammar and spelling are different....
    2. runsing Nov 14, 2017
      ironically, grammar nazis are the most commonly seen to misspell grammar.

      try searching for 'grammer' in the forum >.>
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    3. m7vpc Nov 14, 2017
      Original: Well, Why am I ranting ?

      Well, why am I ranting?
    4. asriu Nov 13, 2017
      grammar nazi is funny~
      ╮(╯▽╰)╭ heck are they even know about what nazi mean?
      ╮(╯▽╰)╭ most just pick lil here and lil there and foala~ i get a koala~
    5. L4 Nov 11, 2017
    6. Recouer Nov 10, 2017
      I remember of someone on youtube who dismissed every argument on a commentary only because that one person made a grammar mistake.
      As if your grammar had anything to do with the validity of your argument...
    7. 2xbon Nov 10, 2017
      The thing is, If you have nothing good to say, then don't say anything.
      But sometimes someone can't really help it. So in that case, Before you criticize, make sure that you don't have any flaws yourself. Otherwise, you will look like a fool.

      Grammar trolls have a point sometimes but there are instances when they go too far. SO I think moderation is the solution.
    8. Koalala Nov 9, 2017
      @Night Ghost pointing out is not a bad thing but there should be a less offensive way .. not like the friend i was talking about.. she sent me the ss rather than telling it to the person itself? it was kinda bad imo.