Food Fantasy - Food Souls vs Real Food - Rachel Sandwich



『Depressed Nyan 』『 ( Φ ω Φ ) 』, Female
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Food Fantasy - Food Souls vs Real Food - Rachel Sandwich

Food Soul
SR - Strength
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Real Food
Food Info
One of the many alternatives of the classical sandwich, Rachel sandwich is made by taking the base recipe for Reuben sandwich and switching the corned beef with smoked beef, and sauerkraut with coleslaw. Also referred to as a "relative" of Reuben Sandwich, the corned beef used as an ingredient is one of the ancient types of cured meat that dates back to the days where the Ottoman Empire still exist. When meat is cured, there is a smoky flavour. And so, it is usually paired with rye bread.

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    1. ReaderReader Nov 24, 2022
      @Cyltea She's a brute --> The lettuce is roughly chopped
      The horns and her name Rachel ( female sheep )
      Her Tomahawk
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    2. Cutting_bamboo Nov 24, 2022
      That sandwich tho..yum
    3. Cyltea Nov 24, 2022
    4. ReaderReader Nov 24, 2022
      @Cyltea Well this is the lore
      Though she looks like a brute, her mind is surprisingly sharp and good. However, she has poor control of her emotions, and would turn expectionally deranged when consumed by fury. Due to her lack of knowledge on life, she rarely pays much attention to minor things. Even if her arms are cut off, she would still smile and battle like a battle maniac. To the members of her family, she has a high tolerance. As she knows that Pandoro is secretly learning to fight, she occasionally helps the girl out by providing special trainings.
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    5. ReaderReader Nov 24, 2022
      Yup , I don't get this one. Usually it's pretty clear ... maybe I got the wrong thing ?
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    6. Cyltea Nov 24, 2022
      How is the food and human form related...? :confusedcatblob:
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