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The blond woman starts to talk about the city organization,
Not the most interesting top,
But certainly useful for those which are new on the city.

The Silver Sentinels are an organization founded at the same time as the Adventurers Guild, created with the purpose of protecting and supporting the Adventurer's City and now Aeternus.

The organization is divided into 4 Areas:

The first division of the organization, its focused on bureaucratic and administrative work. They are responsible to administrate and allocate the resources of the city to maintain the city's infrastructure, build more buildings, support the citizens and satisfies their needs.
They are Aeternus Public Servants.
They are mainly composed of Architects, Logistic Specialist, Magic Engineers, Engineers, and Public helpers.

The second division of the organization is also a mostly non-fighting one, they are focused on investigation and are responsible to investigate people who may be breaking the law, corruption and so on.
They are composed of mostly: Investigators, Spies, Information Managers.

The Third Division is responsible to control the commence inside the city and also to support and regulate the organizations which exist inside the city.
They are composed of: Politicians, Merchants, Advisors, Mediators

The main division of the organization, they are the military part of the organization, they are responsible to keep the order inside the city and also protect it and its citizens.
They are:
Warriors and Guardians with heavy armors and a great defensive power form 3/7 of the organization.
Archers and Scouts responsible to keep watch on the city walls and watchtowers form 2/7 of the organization.

Mages and Technicians responsible to keep barriers and support the troops form 1/7 of the

Aerial Knights riding Giant Eagles form 1/7 of the organization (Division created after Aeternus the raid).

As Chief of the, all the divisions there is Solistiere Silverguard and bellow her acting as her advisors are the Mercenary Council, an old and traditional group of very influent people. While they lost a lot of their power and don't control the city anymore and most of the mercenaries groups disappeared, they are still very influent as many created organizations inside the city, some of which are focused on training people to join the Adventurers Guild or the Sentinels.


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