Hey, stuff that triggers me (Warning, involves politics)



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So...liberals aren't being triggered here. They're just laughing their asses off at the morons destroying their $100+ coffee machines.

The Point?
Don't be an idiot XD
There are things that will trigger people. Stupidity at your expense is not one. This was just something hilarious I saw. I can't (I totally can) believe 6,000 people would retweet that dumbass.

First topic:

Anyways, there will be people who have opinions that differ from you. Don't be an idiot about it. Labeling someone is just a defensive mechanism. It just means your opinion is so weak, you feel the need to degrade the opposer. If what you think is right, what do you have to fear? Engage in opposing views. It will only strengthen your own point. Either your opinion will be affirmed or you'll change it thanks to new information.

Second Topic:

So there was a thread about the N-word...ok, so words only have power when you give them power. Currently, the N-word is become appropriated by the culture as something positive rather than a racial slur. It's kind of like Yankee which used to be a slur used by the British for Americans. Yankee Doodle was a marching song thingy the British sang, but look at us now, we sing that song in elementary school.

On the other hand, to the older generation, it represents basically a slur. Now there is political correctness here, but generally older people were raised in a time it wasn't generally accepted as being OK. You got to know the audience. Give it a few decades, the word will probably be fine.

Just cause someone gets offended doesn't make them a SJW. Seriously, know what a SJW is. It's generally a derogatory term for people promoting socially progressive views. However, they gotta be dicks or cunts who are just in it for the validation and not just cause they think it's right or they're trying to fix something. Use the word appropriately dammit. If I see a dumbass carrying around a "God hates fags" sign or an anti-muslim slogan, I'm gonna be triggered as fuck. That doesn't make me an SJW. It makes me a decent human being based on my understanding of what a decent human being ought to be doing.

Same thing for feminist. There's a classical feminist who believe in equal rights for women. I'm a feminist cause I'm not a dick. And then...you have toxic feminists. Basically, they're assholes who try to act like victims of sexism. I think they can also be referred to as men-haters? Basically, if some lady (or heck even a guy) is going on about how men are terrible or women are superior or women who don't support "whatever" are traitors, that bitch is cray. Don't let that fuck up your view on feminism. It's about equal rights, not about superiority or any of that bullshit.

Final point:

just don't be a dick. Look at opposing views and become stronger through them. Also, smashing your own property is dumb.


    1. Satan Nov 17, 2017
      Why do people bother
    2. AMissingLinguist Nov 17, 2017
      Valid points. This post is also a very brief look into how a moderator must view life when they mod. labels are bad, so be sure to tear them off computers, laptops, cans, shoes, radioactive waste, signs, doors, etc. Also, be sure to make your kids immune to bad words by saying it to them. Repeatedly. Lastly, meninist is a thing, so don't be against or for them. Be both a feminist and meninist. It makes it fun to offend both. :blob_grin::blob_grin::blob_grin::blob_sunglasses::blob_sunglasses::blob_sunglasses::blobfistbumpL::blobfistbumpR::blobhighfive:
      (Did I make it satirical enough?)
    3. asriu Nov 15, 2017
      as a cat I feel insulted!
      who da heck is dick![​IMG]
      [​IMG] being dick, narrow mind, and "idiot" are related to education, grow environment, social circle and personal experience~
      keep calm and hug your cat~
    4. leegood Nov 15, 2017
      Your a lizard person~!
    5. Anon Ymous Nov 14, 2017
    6. m7vpc Nov 14, 2017
    7. isekaishousetsu Nov 14, 2017
      People dont change lol.

      Bipartisan bickering and trolling is older than even rome with the optimates and populares and even than greece. Just human nature.