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So I was dared by the amazing @Rae for a blog, sorry @vrelt1 you were too slow

Sooo.. my wreck of a semester has ended. And I'm reaaaally looking forward to the Monster Hunter World I preordered.

Really thought if I would order it because it was pricy but I really love the series. Even thou I'll probably not have much time to play it. I'll probably shorten my online time (Nuf and disc) if I get it XD

Too bad it wasn't released during the holidays.

Idk who will reply to this post, but tell me if you'll get a copy and let's team up if we can :3

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    1. doomeye1337 Dec 5, 2017
      if you're still active on nuf and in-game by the time they come out with pc port, I'd be up for some nuf group hunts :p
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    2. potatofriez Dec 5, 2017
    3. doomeye1337 Dec 5, 2017
      yea I'll def get it for pc. I pretty much through my life have always had nintendo portable + PC, so no chance for me getting a ps4 or xbox just for this when it'll eventually be ported to pc by the same people who ported dragon's dogma over :p
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    4. potatofriez Dec 5, 2017
      @doomeye1337 I don't really know about but some nuffians said it would be possible in global.

      you will get it in pc?
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    5. doomeye1337 Dec 5, 2017
      will they allow pc and console to play together online? somehow I doubt
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    6. potatofriez Dec 4, 2017
    7. potatofriez Dec 4, 2017
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    8. Cryotic Dec 4, 2017
      Monster Hunter games are <3
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