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"Kuma chan \(≧◡≦)/ "「airhead」「nonsense speaker], Male
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[Ahh i am being careless again?] i grumpy and keep mumbling my mistake, i am really not good at lying and end up spilling truth again.

[what have i being doing all this time?]
I scribbled and erasing my own lifeline and keep reminding myself that...

[i am sane, it was a perfect mistakes nothing to break after i breaking myself this far]
Yes it was right i am fine! I keep chewing tissue as it was food and it's fine! i am used to chewed it cause my broken heart is hungry again.

It was a pretty color of pain,i'm dizzy,I'm nauseous,I didn't want to throw up.
Wipe that tear! Wipe that lies!

I was creeped by my ownself,so i must congratulate my body by patting it against the wall...

Yet I will lies again since i found my own error...
Why you here! I am suffering soo please forget about me...
Please let me write another letter,even i can't make a proper sentence...
Even i'm drowned in this sea of vague word...
I will cast another lies letter.

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    1. SakuraHana Dec 6, 2017
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    2. m7vpc Dec 5, 2017
      I still don't get why you lie then.
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    3. potatofriez Dec 5, 2017
      seems like you are having a hard time. Hope you have a good day today
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