When you want to beat someone badly



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Life is full of ups and downs, and it's full of annoying people too. And for no reason at all those people will just go annoy you just for the heck of annoying you.
And even though you've tried your best to ignore that person for some reason that person just kept interjecting in your every day life. So you really really really want to beat that person so baaaaadly. But due to physical difference and the laws too you just simply can't beat that person right?

TL;DR: Sooooooo anyone volunteering to be hit?

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Edit: And dam never thought that this would be my very first blog here on NUF

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    1. EROgeX Dec 15, 2017
      Releasing a good punch right in the face will make you feel good regardless even if you got beaten after that.
    2. Raneday Dec 13, 2017
      @Osamaru when was the time that you aren't
      @gggo if hitting them with darts is possible irl
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    3. gggo Dec 13, 2017
      I used to pin the photos of people I don't like on a dartboard and used it for target practice. I also tend to scream myself hoarse underwater in the pool at uni. there's a lot of ways to deal with anger issues in a nonviolent way. i remember once a classmate who would often smear ballpen ink on the faces of people she doesnt like, and put gum on the hair of the girls she thinks are prettier than her. lol
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    4. Osamaru Dec 12, 2017
      orz.... I'm still a Punching bag?!
    5. Matsurika Dec 10, 2017
    6. MasterCuddler Dec 9, 2017
      As someone that annoys ppl for the sake of annoying them, you getting pissed is the best reaction and greatest reward. What you have to do is not to ignore,not to show any reactions , simply indifference or like others have said overpowering them with something else, show you are just as equal or above them and can easily do the same, because these annoyances are simply to show us what you are capable of, what you true self is, and if we can hit it off
    7. Raneday Dec 9, 2017
      @blanfrost @Lovely new generations punching bag?
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    8. BlancFrost Dec 9, 2017
      we were never punching bags >~< Punching bags don't talk!
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