94. BL 男主為我鬧離婚 The husband is getting a divorce for me



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94. BL 男主為我鬧離婚 The husband is getting a divorce for me


Complete 112 ch 2/5

Lin Miao had faint existence in his family, not bad but not good. That night he was reading a novel of the gong and shou protagonist and then he went to the novel world to a character with the same name. This Lin Miao was the opposite of the original Lin Miao from the ancient who was very loved by his family, as the youngest son with good looks but it made him to be arrogant and willful. Lin Miao transmigrated to the original after he died drowned in the prince's mansion because of one of his concubine.

Well, the Original was willful with no brain. When his family knew that the prince asked for the Original as one of his lover, they resigned to the fear that the Original might do something to anger the prince and they would be inflicted someday. They loved their 3rd brother/son, but they still needed to think for the families, so they immediately moved away! lol After the prince took him home, he was very happy and started to fight for favor with all the prince's lovers but the result was tragic! The prince always brought people that he liked home so there were a lot of lovers.

In this ancient world, man and man relationship/marriage was normal. Just like how the emperor decreed a marriage with a male noble son for his own idle younger brother. Chen Ning was the emperor's younger brother who was kicked to a fief near the border and indirectly asking him to fight the enemy. Chen Ning didnot want to mix with the struggle of power but the emperor changed and was suspicious of him now and even gave him a male wife to make his line died out.

The emperor thought the male wife Xie Yan who was from a Duke's household but didnot have talent and was bullied very badly as a concubine son in the house was perfect for his brother. But Xie Yan was only hiding his claw and readied himself to take revenge on his father (the duke)'s household and together he and Chen Ning cooperated together with the marriage as their cover. Even though they were married, but Chen Ning still brought women and men back. Xie Yan was like a consultant and with his talent, he made many business to support their fief's soldiers and procured more power. Both were like brothers than husbands, Chen Ning even gave permission so Xie Yan could also take someone as his lover. But Xie Yan was damaged with years of bullying that it made him to be very cold and had some traumatic episode in rainy days.

Lin Miao was scared stiff when he knew he was in this messy novel world. He was scared of Xie Yan more than Chen Ning. For fear of his life, he determined to go out of the mansion after he had money or after he had something as job. Somehow with luck and misunderstanding, Xie Yan started to pay attention to Lin Miao. When things got more deeper and Lin Miao understood that Xie Yan might want him to be his lover. He was very startled because he thought Xie Yan was the male wife of Chen Ning, he was someone Chen Ning brought home to be his lil lover. He didnot know the true circumstance of the two protagonists. But would a husband not be angry when his own male wife took a lover from his harem??

There was a bit of money making in the earlier chapters but cut short. I thought we'd read more of the power struggle between the emperor, the prince and the son but it was also written too short and just be-there-scene to complete the plot imo.