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I know that I’m not alone on this one, you know how there’s just like thoughts that we keep to ourselves? I normally am that sort of person who doesn't usually say what I really think of, like my real real thoughts about things. If I do express them then it’s usually only to one person or to only a few that I truly trust. This song really just brings out that feeling sometimes you know haha, I feel as though if someone ever cracks open my head to see what’s inside, they might be frightened and put me in an asylum or jail, depending on how much they can handle them. Now am I intentionally thinking of such thoughts? Not really, they’re intrusive thoughts, altho some of them aren’t just intrusive thoughts. So to the few people who were rather.. A bit unpleasant I suppose, if only you knew fufu, not that I would act on them. Of course, since I prefer peace over anything troublesome :>

But anyways, enjoy the song~

And as a big fan of alec, I need to share a similar song from him as well!


    1. Munimuyi Mar 19, 2023
      @Aho yeshh~ *nodsnods*
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    2. Aho Mar 18, 2023
      We've all wanted to gruesomely murder a person or two *nodnod*
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    3. Little Evil Mar 18, 2023
      Be good~