A day that like no other



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Ok, disclaimer.
That there are no a day that the same like the others. The title just to make it look better.

Let's start with the beginning.
00:00 im still awake to prepare for the presentation in the morning, at 8:30.
Sleep at 1:30.

More less had a rest till wake at 5:30 and go with the morning life.
Mostly for the deed that done in the morning are Finnish at 6:30.
And so suddenly i found my head rested in my pillow, and the time skip came to 7:30.
At this point i need to get ready for class, while rereading the script that i had for presentation.
Everything goes pretty well until my time came up and the judgement begins.
The topic that i brought up was RIO Olympic 2016.
Mostly went well until my time to get criticize by lecturer. Well, i need to get the concept of the writing in the conclusion of it. Ofc, i don't make ot clear enough of it. But mostly pretty much that's it, not really bad.
The class came end at 2:20 pm. And boi that cost a lot of stamina.
After the class i came home to get refreshed for a group meeting that work with Me at the community service program. We try to make the proposal for the team done by the end of the day, and so i did finish it. Barely, well at least just need some touches at home.
Its 7 pm and i come home only to had my sisters need me to drive them to the mall and watch Spiderman new movie. I was tired, but a movie was bearable right?
Oh boi, here's the problems starting to sprouts.
When the time we get to the theater, it's already filled with crowds.
But It's not like Avenger end game crowds so yea..
We line uo to get the tickets at 20:30 schedule. And just half the line, it's full booked. That's not a good sign.
And so the next early schedule is at 22:10... And we brought the tickets. Not really much good spot to had.
After that we came to the big mart at the mall to had some snack and drinks while waiting for the movie starts.
My youngest sister had an idea to go to kfc and had a lychee float.
I say ok, just that. And we waiting for the movie at kfc with its free wifi.
While my drinks are mostly finished, and time is getting near to start. We had back to the theater.

And found the crowd getting bigger.
And they just starts cramping up near the theater doos to get it. Not really that cramped, but all along the lobby wall had a people to line up. Yup, i forget that the Spiderman new movie release date just yesterday.
Oh well, we watched the movie till the end.
But, when at the middle of the movie. My sister just chatted me frona cross the seat, saying she just lost the parking ticket.
Oh my...
And that's the thrill, i say just try to look at it after the movie ends.
At the post credits, both of em went out to retrace where they might be lost it.
And they cant find it, both of em waiting near the car where i park it.
I called her to say that ok, i the car certification in on me. We can get out, but with fines.
But when i get into the car, just to find the light is still on.. Oh no, i forget to turn it off. And it won't start cuz the car battery is probably exhausted at this point. Yes it does.
I saud fuck me, how do i fix this.
I call my dad at 00:30 to tell hom about this problem, and he tell me the trick to start up old car.
The car that im driving is 1985s jeep btw. So i try to get the security guard to help me with the pushing.
Aaand. The car failed to start, and that time i call my dad to get help.
While making my sister waiting at the exit, i had a chat with the security. At least with the hope to get ease my mind.
And after my father came, he went up and do the trick while im helping the push with my new m8s.
That went well, the car manage to get started and... The fine cose me quite a bit..
Oh well, what a day


    1. Bad Storm Jul 5, 2019
      I remember something similar to your day!

      *rummage through my phone*

      DAY 30 Saturday 12:29 AM

      First thing's first, I just got home. Second thing's second, I've been awake for 22 hours straight and during that duration, I experienced two quizzes, one lab report, have my phone die on me, another take home quiz, enjoy an almost scenic ride with a very very very slow paced jeep home being driven by an ancient fossil of an old man, get a bit wet because of the rain, buying stuff in the bookstore, accidentally see my sis on my way home and get dragged along with her while she's meeting up with her friend, going around the mall for hours, eating, drink milk tea, playing in the arcade, more going round the mall, check out make-up shops, going around the mall's department store, more eating, gatecrash a birthday party for two, attend a meeting of the vacation ministry my sister is part of, chatting up a stranger who I seem to have a common friend with, more walking, finally arriving home.

      Just to note, all day, even with that kind of itinerary, I got my uniform on me and my backpack slugged on my shoulders. It was restrictive. It was heavy. It was... wow. Not only that, when me and my sis met up in the mall, she handed the DSLR to me, all that weight compacted into this one handheld photography device went straight to my bag. Honestly, it's fine. Not that taxing.

      Now, I dunno what to say.

      So let me expound a little concept about introverts. Once someone compared an introvert to a machine running on battery. Alone time is their way to recharge their social energy, the one people use when they interact with each other. Once recharged, an introvert is good to go, you could socialize all you want with him or her. That is until the battery dies and off they go to their charging station, somewhere they could have a time for themselves.

      With that concept in mind, I think my battery just died today. Drained dry. Like sea turned sand. It's expected. Even without me expanding that schmuck of a list, you could definitely see and feel how extensive of a day it was. I'm only awake through pure willpower. Well hdhp too. And trying to process the fact that I did those.

      It was funny and ironic. When last period prof said we were dismissed, I was rejoicing the fact that it was Friday. I was even experiencing an enlightenment of sort; an appreciation on why people with no life (after work claimed their mind, body, and soul) gets a shot of pure euphoria at the mention of the word "weekend". I was so happy. So joyful. So ecstatic, jubilant, exhilatered, exultant. At the fact that Friday has ended. Whistling while catching a jeep home, I was walking on cloud nine on my way to the seventh heaven, after reaching the top of the world and jumping over the moon. A little more happiness and I would have shouted, "WHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

      No joke.

      I was so happy. So tired. I wanted to head straight to my bed and roll the weekend away. Ofc, after finishing up everything. But at the very least, that was the plan. Until this happened.

      While I'm glad it did happen - you should be thankful of moments like this when you're out living a life - it was like a bowling bowl that was supposed to be a guaranteed strike became a gutter ball.

      And it was just starting. Suddenly, I discovered, that this weekend is not mine at all. Tomorrow - I mean, later - we will have a family dinner. Outside. Samgyeopsal. Probably that got some unwritten events on it too... While my Sunday would be dedicated to a grandma of mine, celebrating her 95th birthday (she and my sis got the same birthday. amazing, right?) and damn, if that won't be another family function, I won't know what to call it. Just thinking of all the people and all the places drain my already drained social energy battery.

      Some things you just can't avoid, no?

      I rubbed my hand on my tired eyes. Somehow, this week is highly likely to kick off my Thanksgiving week from its position as the most social days of mine for the year. I could just feel it. It gives that gibe. That positivity oozing out of it is enough to fill my gauge for social interactions. And more. Definitely more.

      ... Niks, may your introverted self rest in peace for the coming days. Don't worry, it'll get revived someday. Somehow. Or so I'd like to believe.

    2. orematcha Jul 5, 2019
      That's so... wow... *pat pat*
    3. SquadCammander354 Jul 5, 2019
      It's so hard to read! QAQ
    4. Fulminata Jul 5, 2019
      What an eventful day...
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    5. Bad Storm Jul 5, 2019
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