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Seeing this reminded me of a weird dream/nightmare I once had. It was obviously a dream, as everything was done in the style of a Tim Burton claymation movie. My dream followed the story of a young boy, probably supposed to be me, as he kept running from something. There were two other people with this boy, helping him run away. The three people were running through the rain, climbing over piles of something, trying to get into this one cabin.

The two people were taking a break, and my vision kind of shifted to their perspective as I turned to the kid. His body was blurred, to a degree, as his clothes melted away and only a deformed skin doll with empty black eyes stared back at me. The stitching for its mouth opened up and tiny white maggots spilled out and swept like a tsunami towards me.

I woke up because it was so bizarre.

And that is the kind of dreams I used to have as a kid lol

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    1. Fossil Oct 8, 2019
      I think we need to have a talk about your Tony obsession....
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    2. Evil_Ginger Oct 8, 2019
      Autocorrect lol
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      Tony white maggots?
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