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When I was about...I don't know, I was little, kay? A little smol Agentt.

And I saw in cartoons about this mythical stuff one can make called "Baking soda Volcano"
It was pretty much in hype, all kids wanted to do that. It was one of those things which will garentee make you win a science fair.

So, the little Agentt thought, Neeeee, I want to make that!
So the little Agentt took some money and went to a shop and asked,
"Vinegar and Baking Soda please!"
So the shop keeper gave me the baking soda and asked the innocent little Agentt,

"White Vinegar or Black?"
"You want white vinegar or black one?"
"Uh...eh...um..huh...I'll go and ask.."

And I never returned to that shop ever again. Its been a decade and I still don't go there.

Tiny Agentt was scared of outside world, it was a place filled with things he didn't knew. God had forsaken him, he decided baby Agentt is not worthy of the miracle known as a Baking Soda Volcano.
Agentt believed that he was nothing but a failure, an accident brought down on this Earth merely to please the Dark Lord.

Agentt had accepted that his life will be one filled with darkness and misery. Happiness simply is a luxury he cannot afford.

Years pass, Agentt had taught himself that Baking Soda Volcano is nothing but a fleeting dream. Thankfully the era of Baking Soda Volcano had passed. No one talked about them anymore. This was a memory that was forgotten by young Agentt.

A few days ago, Agentt's mother had learnt a new recipe online. And she needed Vinegar for it.

Just like 10 years ago, Agentt took some money, and went to a shop. He asks,
"A bottle of Vinegar."
And the shopkeeper gives him a bottle, replying with a
"That would be 1$"

Seeing the transparent liquid in the glass bottle, the horrifying 'incident' from 10 years ago was recalled.

Old wounds got opened.

Tears filled his eyes as he finally held the Holy Grail. The last ingredient for the Baking Soda Volcano.

Gods and Devils alike had tried to stop him, but after 10 years, he finally succeeded.

Agentt asked the shopkeeper,
"What is, white vinegar?"
"The one you are holding, that is white vinegar."

Agentt was shocked. He was in a tranquillity (This is legit the first time in my entire life I am using the word tranquility. Hope I used it correctly.)
Agentt asked him,
"But this, this is transparent!"

And the shopkeeper calmly replied,
"Yes. And we call it white vinegar."

"Oh respected owner of this establishment," cried Agentt as the fabric of reality and all that he perceived as real was getting torned into smithereens.
Agentt was about to faint, such a huge realization was not something human mind can possibly comprehend, yet, with the last ounce of his will power, he spoke,
"Oh, respected owner of this establishment. What is black vinegar?"

The shopkeeper went inside. Into the darkness and the shadows of his shop, and came out a moment later, holding a bottle, as black as the night sky himself.

It was a bottle of soy sauce.
A bottle which contained soy sauce
A bottle which had soy sauce written on it in big red letters.

Agentt thought, and wondered and pondered over the possibilities and finally came to a conclusion.

"That fricker ruined my life for absolutely no reason!"


    1. Snowbun May 26, 2021
      @Agentt Hmm Chinese black vinegar is 镇江香醋 and you can use it for dumpling sauce and other dishes. Japanese black vinegar is 黒酢 and I think it's a type of aged rice vinegar...I have the impression that it's milder than the Chinese one but it might have been just the different brands that I had. Anyway, similar to apple cider vinegar, it's kinda popular for its "healthy benefits".
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    2. Agentt May 26, 2021
      @Snowbun oh, good to know that. What it it, black vinegar?
    3. Snowbun May 25, 2021
      lmao...soy sauce?

      Tbh there's an actual black vinegar used for Asian cuisine. I think the ingredients depend on the place because Japanese black vinegar and Chinese black vinegar have different tastes.
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    4. GREED444 May 25, 2021
      don't be tsun big bro will compliment you anytime you want
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    5. Agentt May 25, 2021
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    6. GREED444 May 25, 2021
      My favourite blogger of nuf
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    7. Agentt May 25, 2021
      I guide others to a treasure I can't posses
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    8. GREED444 May 25, 2021
      Man I love your blog make me laugh every time
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