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About a month or so ago, the family was thinking about getting new appliances and equipment for the house. One of those items was a new vacuum. We had my grandpa's old one, but it just didnt seem to work so we just surrendered and I looked for new ones. I looked up Top 10 Vacuums of 2020 and found this in 2nd place.

A lot of attachments and it happened to be primarily geared to pet owners. I hadn't even realized that little perk.

So I put it together and gave it a go...and it turns out my room was so dirty it filled up the canister in one go. :blobscream:

So...yeah. thank you, my new vacuum! blobmelt_thumbs

And Pepper likes the box, of course :blobsnow:


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    1. Kalto Mar 13, 2020
      Does the cat come with vacuum XD
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    2. Femme Fatale Mar 12, 2020
      Oh! I just noticed it's a Bissell. *high Five* I only get bissell's these days. They are top of the line for your dollar. (and I always wait until they are on sale so I get them for half price) Almost as good as a Dyson....and Dyson's are WAY too expensive for what they are. I used to have an upright until recently because my house is now smaller and I needed the space I went back to those cleanview ones. ^.^

      Those suckers really pick up pet hair, dust, your laundry and anything else it gets it's in it's way. >_> My dog's fear it....it is the remover of hair and scourge of dust bunnies and lego. <_<

      NOTE: I only go through vacuum cleaners often because of my pets and having to vacuum at least once a day because a person in my household has immunity issues. If not, they last alot longer. The only issue we had with the uprights was that every so often, the rubber band that makes the brushes goes needed replacing...and after a while we just learned to do it ourselves, it was a lot less expensive than replacing the whole unit...rubberband here used to cost about twenty bucks for a bag of two I think?...but again, that was because of how hard we use vacuum cleaners here.
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    3. Blitz Mar 12, 2020
      A bit beside the point but your blog made me go and vaccuam the room since it's been a while
    4. AliceShiki Mar 11, 2020
      Gz new box~
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    5. Evil_Ginger Mar 11, 2020
      It has an attachment that can get into corners specifically for pet hair.
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    6. Femme Fatale Mar 11, 2020
      That happened to me once too. >_>

      In my house we can go through a vacuum cleaner in a year. <_< thanks to our pets. ^.^

      I approve of the upright! How's it like around the corners? Does it have a brush for picking up hairs?

      <_< I'm a bit of a technology nerd. <_<
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