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Heyo! Recently a new Hazbin Hotel music video has been posted. Here is the link. And then I just thought it would be interesting to write a poem about, uhh, the job of a stripper?

Having been in a coma,
I have come to this world of sin.
And like a llama,
my tongue is long and is good at entering inside your kin.

My heart beating as fast as lightning,
a euphoria unlike any other starts.
But my brain has its teeth gritting,
making my heart as guilty as a bunch of old farts.

Letting myself go,
I let my heart beat and my mind slow.
It is hard though,
like I am on death row.

My family might hate me,
and my friends are probably full of disgust.
But I just hope that they can see,
see that I am just as beautiful as a morning mist.

So please look at my dancing figure,
as my body moves and slithers.
Though you may never accept my confident stature,
that may only be because you are standing hither.

And as you stand, living in your little world,
I will stand, dance, and smile,
letting the euphoria in my heart get whirled.
So sit there satisfied with your closed off style.
Not that I even care.

PS Please don't report this even though it is about a subject like being a stripper(?). It is just an innocent poem! T_T

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