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I am really angry right now. I was doing phones today at work (I work in a doctor's office). Some dickhead tried to tell me I'm mispronouncing my name after he asked me what my name is. I told him it was part. he was like "P.A.R.T"? I'm like yeh, it ends with H but there's no fuh sound. This benchod asked me if I was sure that's how my name is pronounced. I said, "Yeeeh...It's my name. I know how it's pronounced."

I had to call him back later to let him know what the doctor said in response. He handed the phone to his wife (the patient) and while he's in the background, he tells his wife that "the guy's name is parth and that is how "he (me)" believes it is pronounced as "part"...how arrogant do you have to be to contradict the pronunciation of someone else's name? seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?
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Before that, some asshole with a dumbass name had left a vm about his medication and how he had heard something disturbing about our office from the pharmacy...I remember him calling the day before about the rx, so I looked through his chart and saw that the order had been placed but for some reason, it wasn't sent to the pharmacy...the new girl that was recently hired has, for some reason, a bad habit of unchecking the send button and not checking to make sure the rx was sent in...I had told her about it multiple times and I think I may end up going to my manager about this...anyways, I send it in, and then called him to let him know that I had just sent it in. I blamed it on a system issue where stuff wasn't being sent in for some reason...covering for my coworker because that's how you're supposed to do it. I also explained that the only way we know that the medication needs a refill is if the pharmacy or patients lets us know that it needs to be refilled.

That was not good enough apparently. He decided to accuse us of lying when we say that we haven't received a call/fax from the pharmacy requesting a refill. I explain that sometimes we don't receive faxes because the fax machine is busy (printing off the millions of referrals we get all day). He said that he's been working with fax machines for longer than I have been alive and he did not concur with my opinion but wouldn't argue the point. He said we need to take his (and other patients) circumstances into consideration. It was at this point, I lost my shit internally. You do not have the right to tell me of all people to be considerate towards patients. I called your dumbass and sent in the rx that my coworker failed to. It was not my fault the rx wasn't sent in. the only way we know to refill the medication is if we are notified by the pharmacy or the patient. Idgaf about your situation, it's how it is and there's nothing I can do to improve that. He even tried to claim I was lying because how did I know to refill it if the pharmacy hadn't contacted us...and I reminded him that he had called us yesterday...

This guy can go fuck himself. At the end of the call, he asked me if I had called the pharmacy myself to check that they had received. Hell no, I didn't. I don't have time to waste 20 mins on the phone for a rx that I can see on my screen having been sent in. He said he would call them himself to make sure it was sent and that it had better be there

"Better be there". Or what, asshole? Try threatening to call my boss, literally the whole room was on my side when I had to deal with both these assholes.

God these people are entitled. I have X amount of time to do my job that requires me to be working every second just to get the day's work done, let alone the bs that patients call me about or dealing with the insurance. I'm a person, and I will do my best. I will not bend over for you and give you the royal treatment because you believe you somehow deserve my full attention. If any of people who read this are like these patients, stop for your own good. No one wants to take care of an asshole and unfortunately I am too good of a person to tell them to fuck off.


    1. Safirah Dec 10, 2020
      There must be a rule that 'EVERYONE MUST EXPERIENCE CUSTOMER SERVICE'. So that people know how hard it is especially when you're dealing with stupid customers
    2. Skullie Dec 5, 2020
      I remember one time the hospital my parent own had this young girl patient who doesn’t listen to the fucking instruction at all. She had a surgery and was told to not sit in bed and lay there but go walk around, not to eat certain types of food and ya da ya da. Guess fucking what? She laid in bed all day, eat whatever the fuck she wants and didn’t take any fucking medicine that was given to her. Her family wasn’t far off either. They did whatever the fuck she ask them of and didn’t listen to the doctors instructions. It wasn’t a surprise that she died, after all, doctors can’t save idiots who run full speed toward their death. Of course, the family tried to frame us for the death but we told them that we were fine with going to court and they backed off.

      It’s okay parth, humans that born to die exists and there’s nothing we can do about it. The only irritating thing I know is that these patients expect doctors to be able to save the patients 100% of the time without fault.
    3. Parth37955 Dec 3, 2020
      @pass1478 I think everyone should work in customer service at some point. You'll lose some of the naivete about the good of humanity. It also helps you deal with people as long as it doesn't break you
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    4. pass1478 Dec 3, 2020
      As someone who worked for customer service for quite some time, I can understand how stupid, entitled, and arrogant the general public can be. Not just "Karens", but a more general population and not a specific demographic. Like, some people just NEED to be spoonfed and be slowly taught to make them understand, like teaching a cripple how to ride a bicycle, except that this cripple has anger management issues, 'cause some people just CAN'T admit to being wrong and just shift the blame to me or my other coworkers. My expectations for people have always been low, but the bar was further lowered when I was working at customer service.
    5. Coffea to Ell Dec 3, 2020
      :blob_patpat: poor you
      good luck and eat delicious meal:blob_pompom:
    6. Archaic pickle Dec 3, 2020
      I hate dealing with the regular public... My job history reflects that.

      I hate the customer is always right mentality, because 95% of the time they suck
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    7. Crimson Nanashi Dec 3, 2020
      I totally get where ya coming from Parth. I’ve had a few calls over the years that have stuck with me on how crazy they are. Easiest way to lose faith in humanity is to listen to these people when you talk to people
    8. Shance Dec 3, 2020
      Ah, it's a thing. People being dumbasses because it works for them, or are just that lacking in empathy.