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In a world where the beginning of everything didn't go exactly as planned;
A world where one is not completely bound by the laws, one can be as free as the birds in the air, fishes in the water, and horses of the earth; All these are completely possible through the use of an existing miracle: Magic.

And in this free world, lies a huge planet with edges, enough edges that it looked like a hexagonal sphere;
It was full of trees with trunks as thick as a house, mountains that reached the sky, seas as wide as the naked eye can see;
This planet isn't a silent and lonely one,
Weird and beautiful creatures are the inhabinants there, there are also animals that we ourselves are familliar with, such as: deers, cats, birds, and many more.

If you travelled far enough and looked hard enough, you'll eventually see buildings and structures that couldn't withstand the test of time: Ruins. These are the forgotten legacies left by the ruling races of the bittersweet past;

"Nothing is eternal, even with the gift of magic." —Anonymous

Nobody knows of how 'they' left, and it may be better if it stays that way; Ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.

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    1. JackStone Nov 2, 2018
      Just was in the mood for writting this.