Affirmations: Don’t Wait for No One



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Time waits for no one, but I hope you won't beat yourself up.
For you are my ally, my one & only.
May the universe give you a heart that will be much kinder to yourself.
Starting today, little by little, step by step, you will grow and change.

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    1. milkyfoxz Jun 6, 2022
      Back to my computer room. Im at my parent’s house so it’s not here rn.:notlikeblob: Im currently reading a webtoon called Que Sera, Sera and damn they so dumdum! Im so frustrated LMAO THESE CHARACTERS ARE KILLING ME :blobdevil: but i have to finish these series I have invested too much of my time I MUST SEE THE ENDING:blobpopcorn_two:. And also Im on break from reading novels :blobninja: how about you?? What are u up to these days? Are u reading novels that seems to suck too?
    2. Stripedhatbecomesgay Jun 6, 2022
      @milkyfoxz Back to where? Also don't you have any novels to read even if it sucks?
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    3. milkyfoxz Jun 6, 2022
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    4. Stripedhatbecomesgay Jun 6, 2022
      @milkyfoxz I could never imagine not having my computer by my side I'd get so bored without it
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    5. milkyfoxz Jun 6, 2022
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    6. Stripedhatbecomesgay Jun 6, 2022
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    7. milkyfoxz Jun 5, 2022
      @Stripedhatbecomesgay i havent yet since the wifi isso slow here #rain and i dont have my computer *sad milkyfoxz noises:blob_teary::blob_teary:
    8. Stripedhatbecomesgay Jun 5, 2022
      Oh have you listened to Eureka if not don't worry I won't bug you to listen to it
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