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The Priestess Corner
In a room at the city's temple, a tall woman with blond hair is sitting calmly in a big table,
The sunlight entering through the big windows illuminate the white wall made of marble and the book she was reading,
Looking at your eyes as she finishes taking a small sip of her tea, the woman clad in white clothes smile sweetly to you.

Hello everyone~ ^^
For those who don't know me, I am Biel The Priestess, Lore Master, Item Master and Law Enforcer of our Adventurers Guild (AG), and it's my pleasure to meet you all~ ^^

Now, what is this thing about?
As the Adventurer's Guild Lore Master and Staff for a long time, I know that many people have a curiosity about one thing or other, some have doubts about some topics and rules.
These things can be about innumerable topics, like how magic work, the history of the world, about items, rules, crafting and so on~​
Obviously that any of us staff would wholeheartedly try to answer any of those questions as best as we can when the players come to ask them, but there are some questions are frequently asked and other actually are pretty interesting, and others users can learn about it too.
So I thought why not to open a place that is easily accessible for all of us to talk about these topics?
Well, unfortunately, a thread tends to get too full and messy easily, and it's not always that we can spend much time fixing lines of script at the Wikia.
Fortunately, our Site owner @Tony created the perfect thing for it, the Blogs, and so here I am~​

How will work

Now that I talked about the why and what the Priestess Corner is I will Explain how it will work out.
The Priestess Corner will be divided into many blogs one for each subject we will talk, and this Blog is an Index, as the Index here will be linked all other blogs in different sections so you can easily find the information which you need.
Also, Each Blog will have its own title and tags for it to be easily found.
And the Blogs can be written in diverse ways, In Character (IC), Out of Character (OOC), in books format, in a form of journal, depending on how I find better for the topic in hand

PS: I will work on the priestess corner as I have time, so the release of new content won't be constant
The Different Tags
(remember that the tags may change or increase in number as the time goes)

The Tags will be many in number and each will have its subtopics, you can check them here.
and the blog title will be structure the following:

AGTAG > Tags (may have more than one) > Type of topic (if there is one) > Topic or title > Number (if there are more than one)

{AG} - All the Blogs will have the Adventurers Guild Tag
{Lore Master Scrolls} - All the blogs with this tag will be about World Story or things which happened till now
{Lore Master Talk} - All the blogs with this tag will be about past Arcs, and player made stories
{Crafting} - All the blogs with this tag will be about crafting
{Materials} - All blogs with this post will be about materials the players may find and use
{Magic} - All the blogs with this tag will be about magic
{Mystical} - All the blogs with this tag will be magical things and beings.
{Culture} - All the blogs with this tag will be about culture and religion in AG world
{Places} - All the Blogs with this tag will be about a specific place which may be important for ag World
{Regions} - All the blogs with this tag will be about regions, continent, planets and other words
{Races} - All the blogs with this tag will be about the different races habiting AG word
{People} - All the Blogs with this tag will be about NPCs which may be important for AG world
{DKM} - All the Blogs with this tag will be about features and items of the Dark Merchant
{Priestess Talk} - All the blogs with this tag will be about requests from players which may not fall on other tags

Also, they may have additional tags for the type of topic:

{Rules} - Blogs with this tag will be about rules
{Guideline} -Blogs with this tag will be about lines which the players may use to help them structure their stories and developments

{Lore Master Scrolls}
Facts -
The Inhabitants Of Far East - Part 1

Small Summary of the Background of the Old Adventurer's City

Legends -

The Legend Of Far East Origin

{Lore Master Talk}
Rules -

Guideline -

Rules -

Guideline -

Metal Working 1

Rules -

Guideline -

Guideline -
Magical Energies 1 - Primal Energies

Rules -

Guideline -

Rules -

Guideline -

Rules -

Guideline -

Rules -

Guideline -

Rules -

Guideline -

NPCs -

Organizations -

Organizations of Aeternus - The Silver Sentinels

Rules -

Guideline -

{Priestess Talk}
Rules -

Guideline -


    1. Bielt Oct 11, 2017
      I need to add more things for the guide then~
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    2. ForumObserver Oct 11, 2017
      Basically a guide for someone like who quit AG sometime ago and want to go back at it in future.

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    3. AliceShiki Oct 10, 2017
      Nope! The release schedule simply isn't regular!
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    4. Evil Lee Oct 10, 2017
      Was this given up on?~
    5. NiQuinn Jul 30, 2017
      If you ever decide to have a discussions about animals/beasts/creatures, please do add me if you make a convo. I was helping with the Bestiary before and with a proper convo, I think I can slip it in-between my free time at work
    6. scriptor Jul 2, 2017
      Sure lol, why not. I'll add you. Keep in mind that our conversation is for the Far East lore; @Bielt may want to tag you for other conversations if we're talking about lore for other places than the Far East. ^_^

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    7. a101011 Jul 2, 2017
      @Bielt @scriptor can I be included in the convos possibly as an observer (and maybe small contributor). It'll help if I have a bit of inside info if I have rumors to write, instead of what I did in the past, which was writing whatever random thing came to mind :p.
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    8. scriptor Jul 2, 2017
      Conversation started! I posted the short version of the backstory I have. May add more details later. :D