Aid for Murdering Time #1-1


Bitter Sweet

『Gomi Delivery Service』
Blog Posts:
Kinda felt like typing in a different way than usual.
Sloth hath ire of many a pyre,
Unseen amongst cadavers,
Glowering upon I,
Whom would rather,
A penny and a pence,
For all whom had since,
Dreamt of memes and dreams—
Rancor to rinse,
For even the obscene,
Has more than what's seen.
A ruthful plight may plague this night,
Some sit weakly,
Sat tight by lantern light,
Some sit meekly,
Throats slit, ruby rife,
Some sit cold,
And yet I hold rest’s knife.

For slumber hungers,
Aware of many a fright,
Tickling those who wait,
Gouging those who play,
Leaving us without sight,

Why do we stay?
To wake each time.
With this horrid foray?
Of which is all mine.
To dance a soirée?
All... is fine.
Afternoon sunlight flits through a window into my dreary room, waking I whom had slept well and long. The night before having been grand with unwanted ruckus that I had escaped. Upon waking, a glance about tells of an unusual guest— a stern looking fellow with a sterner stare.

Ha! As if I would care.

Figments shall not delude me yet—

And that's all I feel like typing today so...

*whooshes away.mp4*