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Your avi reminded me of a painting. Starry Night. It reminded me of an artist. Vincent Van Gogh. It reminded me of a book. Lust for life.
The swirling sky in that strangely vibrant shade of blue. The stars caught helpless in a violent celestial storm. Distorted trees and a disjointed mind, looking out from the asylum window at a vacant landscape.
Vincent Van Gogh. A mind insanely creative and full of restlessness.
Black crows fly over a yellow wheat field. Wings of death flutter across a sky painted in an impossible shade of blue. As I gaze at the canvass I don't see the colours or the forms. I only hear a cry. The cry of helplessness of a mind insanely beautiful.
Thank you for reminding me of him.

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    1. SummerForest Feb 6, 2019
    2. Katsono Feb 6, 2019
      Hemingway was a drawer?
    3. SummerForest Feb 6, 2019
      The Scream reminds me of Hemingway more.
    4. Katsono Feb 6, 2019
      Yeah I figured
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    5. SummerForest Feb 6, 2019
    6. Katsono Feb 6, 2019
      It wasn't starry night after all but I found the guy @seere
    7. Katsono Feb 5, 2019
      No I think I saw someone else instead, it wasn't her.

      I don't think I will, considering I don't own a material copy of it. Maybe one day?
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    8. SummerForest Feb 5, 2019
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