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Recently, I have been having recurring dreams or similar ones. Whether it be a similar setting or similar plot line, these dreams tend to appear every now and then and I quickly forget about them once I wake up, but having the dream again reminds me of the previous times.

Almost like it is a sequel I wasn't expecting. The dream sequels tend to leave a more lasting impression on me so I end up remembering more.

For example, sometimes I have dreams about working in a grocery store. It is small and it is usually at closing time with the lights off for some reason. We are closed and I am doing nothing but waiting to leave. If my dream is ever located in a big supermarket, it is always as a customer quickly rushing in to get something and getting lost looking for the item, going up and down each aisle until I finally find the item and then move on.

They almost feel like bonus levels in between stages like in sonic or something.

The craziest dreams are the ones that take place while I am practically awake. I know I am attempting to sleep, but my brain is like, "no, we need to do something i am ready for the day"

At this time, the dreams take on a sort of Inception style of experiencing something crazy and waking up, only for something more crazy to happen. I get so tired jumping from setting to setting that they begin to mix and I wake back up in play 1 with play 3's actors, you know?

Hm. I wonder what else I can recall in the future.


    1. Nosister Jun 19, 2020
      Indeed, and when the information from the dreams are weird enough or I feel that 'oh maybe there's a meaning behind this', then I can't deferentiate wether I've woken up and sleep again then continue the dreams, or I never woke up and just jump onto another scene. So when I recall it, the layers of the scene are overlap.
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    2. Evil_Ginger Jun 19, 2020
      @Lin Ze yeah dreams have been defined as information that gets processed by the brain while in that sleep mode. Consciousness picks up these tidbits and pieces them together. Kind of like a hastily put together study guide to review what you learned, but it's moving too fast.

      I think if I were to pull a phrase to best exemplify what I'm trying to say, it is like cramming for your exams and on the day of the test you go "A squared + B squared = the powerhouse of the cell"

      But less obvious. There are so many things the brain takes on throughout the day that tiny little bits come together to make some sort of nonsensical creation. Like the small grocery store from my dream is probably an amalgamation of every grocery store I have ever been in.
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    3. Nosister Jun 19, 2020
      I had weird dreams a few days ago.. it seems like the past record of my memories. And the information was too much. When I woke up, I try to write it. And soon I realize, the main idea of the dreams is what I have been analysing for the past few days.

      What I mean is, dreams also can reprecentate your Psicological state.
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    4. AliceShiki Jun 19, 2020
      Well, as long as it doesn't trouble you, all is good! \(^^)/
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    5. GonZ555 Jun 19, 2020
      For me rather than inception, i remembered one that was like a strip of scene in a movie/play.
      act 1 plays out, continues to act 2, then suddenly skips to act 3. Sometimes rewind back to act 1 but with actors from act 2 and 3 mixed in.
      If i dont wake up after the rewind, it skips act 2 and move on to the diverging point in act 3
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    6. PomeloCloud Jun 19, 2020
      I have recurring dreams as well *nod nod* there would be a next episode if I kept on thinking about it :blobpopcorn_cool:
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