[Android] Webnovel Downloader Beta

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Updated: July 27, 2018
~~~Webnovel downloader beta ~~~
Version: v6.4

You are welcome if you wanna try it

These are scripts designed to work in automagic premium.
All the functions can be accessed using a simple widget.

* Rules for becoming Beta User :
1. You are not allowed to share scripts
2. You are not allowed to share epubs made via scripts for money
1 click to add a new novel to collection
1 click to check for updates and Download new chapters
1 click to check novel updates rss and if there are updates ... Download!!
1 click to update epubs with new chapters or make epubs in case new novel added.
1 click to clean download notifications
1 click to clean html file cache after epub has been made
1 click to update scripts.

........... and lot more other features

If u interested... Comment below....
and go to https://webnoveldlr.wordpress.com
for Discord server invite


    1. yetint Oct 4, 2018
      Can i try please?
    2. Ubik Aug 18, 2018
      I am interested too in this kind of app, thanks
    3. Gavan Bayar Aug 16, 2018
      I am interested also
    4. ajtaku Aug 11, 2018
      I am interested too.
    5. Skyblader70 Aug 11, 2018
      I will follow the rules
    6. Skyblader70 Aug 11, 2018
      Can I become beta tester pls
    7. myspellbind Aug 11, 2018
      Can I try please?