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Updated: Jan 2, 2020
~~~Webnovel downloader beta ~~~
Version: v7.5

You are welcome if you wanna try it

These are scripts designed to work in automagic premium.
All the functions can be accessed using a simple widget.

* Rules for becoming Beta User :
1. You are not allowed to share scripts
2. You are not allowed to share epubs made via scripts for money
1 click to add a new novel to collection
1 click to check for updates and Download new chapters
1 click to check novel updates rss and if there are updates ... Download!!
1 click to update epubs with new chapters or make epubs in case new novel added.
1 click to clean download notifications
1 click to clean html file cache after epub has been made
1 click to update scripts.

........... and lot more other features

If u interested... Comment below....
and go to https://webnoveldlr.wordpress.com
for Discord server invite


    1. Sharon84 Jun 10, 2018
      I am so interested in the app n will follow the rules.
    2. NoNameGuy Jun 6, 2018
      Hello indieboy, I'm interested in the app and would gladly follow the rules to use the app! If there are any beta spots left I would love to join, if no spots are available at the moment I am fine waiting until spots do come around
    3. rakdot May 24, 2018
      I am interested
    4. Kizmeth May 11, 2018
      Hey, I'm interested and would like to join beta users please. I will follow the rules of course!
      The WebNovelConverter I was using is no longer enough for various pages and I prefer to read rather on my phone's ereader
    5. NotUrAverageUser25 May 8, 2018
      Hey Indiboy, Can I join your group of beta-users .I will abide by the rules.
    6. acemughnie May 3, 2018
      Hey fella indiboy, Gimme that spot please...
      IlI' gladly obey all the rules.
    7. NocturneCaligo Apr 30, 2018
      May I please join as well? I understand and will follow the rules.
    8. Otouto-kun Apr 26, 2018
      Hi Indiboy im interested i'll follow the rules no problem .