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Un ja, I am here once again! For I have gathered enough trash for another ゴミ post!! Please escape now if you have more important things to do as this is the epitome of wasting time!*

*(Exception given to grinding a four hour exp bonus without saving only for the game to crash. sighhhhhh)

By the way, I advise against checking the scroll bar after opening the spoiler... for no reason in particular.

So how's your day been? Bad? Okay-ish? Hopefully it ends up good if it wasn't there already!

Here, I'll even channel some uber magical energy to make it better! Just let me get my ritual materials ready...

2 hours and a gacha roll later...

Here we are! Please wait as I preform my ultimate spell.

*what sounds like a screaming toaster is heard in the distance*

Okay, it's complete. With this, today should turn out wonderful!


Doesn't today look wonderful? Haaa~ The wonders of magic.

Putting aside my capabilities in Gimp, we have a concert on Monday! Yaaaayyyy— I-I mean booo! I'm not readyyyyyy! I think I'll devote tomorrow to practicing...

It needs to be perfect since it's the last time we'll be playing at that auditorium before we play at our own! Ahh, but my left hand will die during the first piece... Ah well, I'm sure things should be okay.

U—Un jaaa~
I'll make sure to practice a lot!

That also reminds me, I have a skit to be working on too! Well— it's a group project and we haven't decided what it is yet. The main constraints is that it's supposed to be like an Edgar Allen Poe-esque skit. If there's anything that has been decided on, it's that I nominated myself as the character that dies~

After all, if I'm a character that dies, I don't have much acting to do. Such a brilliant plan right?! I'm also the multi purpose person who can add the music, do editing, or some other jazz in VR if needed. Props too! Maybe? I haven't really made any before.

But all those things aren't too much of a bother for me. Acting is the least of what I want to do after all!!


Ah wait. If I'm a character that dies, doesn't that make me pivotal to the plot? As in, potentially a main character with lots of scenes- Yeah! And the director talked about like a flash back kind of story too so dying wouldn't make my work any less!!!


Oh dear.jpeg

Seems like there will be some chaotic days ahead for me. Ehh, at least one of things I have to do can be put aside for a while. That being a little project of my own volition! A song for my friend! And something else to go with it at the end of the year for Christmas. One is supposed to be a present and the other is a reward for an assignment I gave him.


I know right? What was I thinking giving an assignment to my friend?! Gah, well he did it anyways. Plus, rather than an assignment it was more like me motivating him to finally do something in Blender. It's justified!

He even gets a song as a reward!

I'm such a generous person aren't I? Mhm!

I don't know what to do for the present though, I was thinking of retexturing shapell and giving him that but... Maybe something else might be better? I don't know! Requesting support! I need recommendations!!

Maybe I'll— uh... give him... a... model of a mansion? Or something?

I've modeled a church before as a project for ELA, so I have a little experience with buildings:
Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 7.37.41 PM.png

The sides and tower are wonky though because I didn't bother with unwrapping a UV for it. But spending 9 hours on a project (video editing, rendering, and jazz) is already a bit much compared to what my classmates did!

Haha, even so uv unwrapping this probably wouldn't have taken much time at all and I was just lazy~

Maaa- looking at it again... it's really simple and low poly. I mean look at those rocks! I think I have a picture of the topology...

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 7.44.21 PM.png
Yep, low poly.

I also added that rad doll in there just because I could have. Although, if my classmates had noticed it, then they didn't bother mentioning it. They did notice and laugh at the ending Q&A however which was neat.

Un ja~

A mansion would take quite a bit of work though. Like I'd have to model:

Chairs, tables, picture frames, varying doorways, windows, a garden, tableware, railings, stairs, assorted plants, etc..

Well, I don't haveee to. But if I would feel obligated to make and add all those things in there. Nice things should look nice after all~

That logic makes sense right?

Un, I thought so!

But yeah, I'd probably learn many things in attempting it. And learning things is neato. In fact!

I encourage you, reader, to learn something!! And if you don't know what, how about I tell you a little about 3D modeli—

*a reader closes tab*

I-I mean, I'll continue ranting! I'll also leave a spoiler for those interested!
Welcomeee!!! I hope you don't regret this!

Un ja~ Let's get started.

(Disclaimer: This is a veryyy casual run through of various things. Cause I'm lazy.)

First off, a mesh is an object. Like a basket, sharp glass or something. They are made up of polygons, and most people work with quads. You will also see people comparing models using triangles (tris) as that is what those quads are broken down into for rendering. Rendering is drawing the image/animation.

Meshes are added into the scene via primitives which are basic shapes like the default cube. You edit these shapes to make jackets, trees and jazz. These meshes come with a material that determines their appearances. You have to make a new one or change the preexisting one to make things look like they're supposed to.

To place a texture on to a mesh using a material, you will need to unwrap a UV for the mesh. It's kind of like how oragami is the art of making sheets of paper into shapes, but reversed. You have to unwrap the object into a sheet so that Blender can display a texture on it with greater room for adjustments.

Like with the church I made; if I had a UV for it, I could've adjusted it so that the sides were using the texture in the right direction.

Speaking of textures, they can have maps. Like this normal map:
Which allows the texture to appear with depth (not sure if this image is using it or not, but you get the idea):
not normal.png

The benefit of using a normal map is that you can have detail without the cost of extra polygons. This means less math for the computer and more detail to look at! These work by telling it how it should render the light, thus giving the impression of depth and jazz.

At least this is what I understand. Sorry if any of it could use rewording or correcting. I'll revise it if someone points out something.

Any who, that should be enough. Thanks for reading this little bit!


Hmm, I guess I'll talk about VR.

Ya 'know, I thought it would be like entering another world— and it pretty much is. Except, I didn't think it'd also feel like wearing some binoculars to see something far away! It was pretty obvious considering a headset is a headset, and yet I never thought about it...

I got used to it really quick though! And bam! I joined VRChat again but as a VR user this time.

As a desktop user, it was not fun at first. I mean, most of it was just wandering public instances looking for a friend or something to do. But ya see, my username is "Usually Mute".

Talking isn't my thing usually and back then I was using a laptop with a loud fan, so err.... It was interesting to say the least. As a desktop user and a mute, how was I to interact!?

Ah well, there was the emotes and emojis... but that's only so much! Now I can flail my arms about with a sword to defend my teammates from spiders and skeletons!! I can also talk since the Rift S has it's own mic (plus I'm using a different pc). Neat right?

I type all this as if it happened recently, although it happened some months ago. Now I've attained known user rank and have quite a few friends in the friends list... Ah, the amount of time I've spent playing it.

It's a good game. The amount of people who learned Blender, Unity, programming because of it... Well, I don't know if the number is huge- but I'm apart of it and a I appreciate that! Haaa~

Thinking about it though, that friends list isn't as large as the number says. Many people have friended me and left VRChat, and others friended because I was friends with their friends so... I need to prune that list someday.

Rather than friends, there should also be a list for acquaintances or something. Calling people you've just met a friend because it's the only way to be sure of meeting them again... Ehh. Maybe I should use one of the bookmark/favorites list for people I'm close with and the others for acquaintances or something.

Rather, that's probably what that list is for! But even so, they are all treated under the friend rank and thus I can't tweak the safety settings between the two...

Mmm, well it's nothing to be concerned over at the moment. Since all is good.


Ah, by the way: I've spent more than an hour writing and editing this blog. I could've been working on that song for my friend!! Or practicing for the concert!! Mmm...

Well, it's worth it if someone enjoyed it even a little bit.

I think I'll write the improv story in my next blog. This one's already taken up soo much of my time— Actually no. I'll just write an idea for a story or something instead. I mean, that's what it was pretty much anyways.


So, there's this dude. Yep, a generic dude. Veeerrryy generic. And he lives in the 20th century, is a student, and has no hobbies. And truck-kun, hungry as always, decides to take another victim to another fantasy world.

But wait! Ya see, he was so plain the country he spawned in decided to use him as a seal for the demon king. An inanimate seal lasts only so long, and a living one can be made to last indefinitely! Or something because the object will be worn down but a living thing can heal (Random Person: Why not use something like a tree then!!! Me: Because it will be affected by the sealed thing and become evil or something!!!!)! They had been in peace for generations but the defeated lord of darkness was breaking out. Frightened they used the MC, who agreed because he didn't mind.

The reason they picked him was because as a seal, you would be subject to the sealed thing. Hereafter, MC can speak with demon-kun. Being kind and not having much thoughts on the matter, MC decides to do favors for the demon king that wouldn't jeopardize humanity.

After some time, MC is recognized by monsters and demons as the holy oracle of their demon king. Humanity is like, 'bruh we trusted you and now this?', and decides to banish him from the continent (with mixed expressions cause he wasn't really evil or anything).

Which MC agrees to because he doesn't care. MC is guided by the demon king, who loses hope on escaping, to becoming the next demon king. Or at least someone strong and good at leading others considering MC's lack of will.

Now, because having an MC who lacks will to do much is boring, the demon king would serve in place of it. Or something. The story would began when MC gets banished to the other continent / island / dimension / other place. And gradually MC could develop into the demon king by slowly adopting his values while dealing with the demons and monsters in that other place.

Also, I should have just wrote a short story had I known this 'idea' would be so long. Blehhh~

I hope you didn't waste your time reading this if you had other things to do! And if you enjoyed it, then I'm glad it wasn't much of a waste after all. Thanks, and farewell nuffian. May Nompere guide your next novel to be a fitting one.


I wonder if anyone actually read all that...? Ehhh... even I don't want to reread it for editing...


Ha, well it'd be bad if there were typos or something. Little things like that bother me too much...


Wasn't there that time when I was learning some program and had to make a flash game about dressing a snowman in school? That cursed hat snapping in an asymmetrical way was too evil!


Un ja. As expected, I'd rather procrastinate instead of proofread it. But doesn't that make even more work...




You're still here? Please don't mind me. I'm just procrastinating.
Anything beyond is just random thoughts.


Nnn, I also have that backlog of games to finish now that I thing about it. Senran Kagura, Dark Rose Valkyrie, Neptunia, Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed, Terraria...


I could also make something in Gimp. There's a lot of pre-masked images on to use after all. Tons of textures for stuff in blender as well...


I could also try making my own textures too, a seamless one of course. After all, it'd be interesting to try. Maybe 3d scanning as well. I have a phone now to do it with. Well, it'd be simple photogrammetry if anything.


I don't really use it for much other than Azur Lane huh... If I recall I'm a lvl 69 admiral too. Ja... the grind for Neptune will make the transition to 70 quick though. 2 million exp? Ehhhhhhh... I don't wanna, but I did put in my profile that I was there for Neptune.


Neptune... It was because of Neptunia that I wanted her. But with the collab, I now have the Neptune that caused me to search for Azur's Neptune... To think that I would get Nep Nep before Neptune. Haa~


The foxmines are also going to be quite a source of exp. Oh how long I'll be busy grinding...


Ya know- If I had to imagine this situation, I'd think of some room in a traditional Japanese mansion with a casual me chilling under a kotatsu. And then you're just over there listening to me even though there's better things to do.


I guess I might as well put something at the end... Maybe?
Is there even a reason I should...?


That friend I'm making a song for uses an Italian drink as a username. As such the song is called: Italian Mineral Water. It's supposed to be surreal and anxiety inducing but with a twang of hopeful expectations at the start. This is because it's supposed to recount the time I first drank it.


I feel bad for the person who intends to comment on this blog.


The song uses a lot of seventh chords, which I had always thought was common. But, it turns out that you don't see them too often outside of Jazz. At least generally. Or so I'm told.


I only noticed just now that I'm sitting in front of it, but there's actually two fake palm trees in our living room. I've never really questioned it my entirely life... Huh. This house is filled some of the most random stuff.


Say, what do you think about this procrastinating of mine? It's really weird isn't it. I kinda just feel like doing it now. And so, I shall do it. Not that there's many thoughts to type about in this empty head of mine.


If you know do re mi and such, Italian Mineral Water at the start goes:

Key Signature is C Major.
Quarter Note - *
Half Note - °

Do* Do* So* So* Do° Do° Do* Do* So* So* Mi° Mi° Mi° Re° with seventh chords using various inversions. I could also write it out in the music way but that's too much effort for procrastination.

It's a simple start and slow one at that, this is because that's how I felt while walking into the Italian restaurant. I felt "Cmaj7 in first inversion" more or less. And then pretty much left C major for the rest of the piece. That mineral water was not tasty.


I guess this has gone long enough. It's time it ended. Farewell, reader of an eccentric and random blog.


Ok, I'm satisfied now. I'll stop here. Sorry, and goodbye! Oh wait- That thing at the end. Maybe I will put something...?


*places a link to a random story that was in my bookmarks*


    1. Snowbun Nov 18, 2019
      Random story was pretty random so I didn’t read it. :blobmelt: Instead of being in a kotatsu just lazing around I was rolled in the duvet (a bit insomniac) but it’s a similar lazy, warm, and comfy feeling. Good luck with your song and 3D renderings! Procrastinating is good when you can sort out your ゴミ. It’s a good opportunity to recycle your thoughts~ blobmelt_thumbs
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