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This is about Miku's 10th Birthday

In reference to the interview with Hachi and Ryo

Hachi said that

The vocaloid industry turned in to a "Sand Planet"

I only realize that after reading the interview.

That is right, the world that is once full of life is now a desert.

The niconico ranking is now stagnant unlike before where you could always see new songs popping up.

I could visualize this Sand Planet.

In a world once full of life; now a mere shadow of itself, people gather in this oasis.

In this oasis life is abundant.
Life continues.

This is Nicoudouga.
The Oasis where the "songs" are gathered
There are also other Oasis where people gather.
In these places the "fans" enjoys themselves with songs.

However, there are people who are not contended with this small oasis.
They want to bring the once colorful world back.

They are the Pioneers - the producers.
They walk upon the desserts of the Sand Planet to plant seeds.
Wishing that those seeds revitalize this dying Planet.
Together with the Vocaloids.
Hoping those seeds give birth to a new oasis.

Then there is me.

A Scavenger.
Unlike the Pioneers, we roam this Sand Planet in search of the trees.
We bring back this fruit called "song" back to the Oasis.
Together with all the information of our journey.

If the fruit is liked by the fans in the Oasis.
The Oasis is expanded to take care the new tree.
After all, Both pioneers and trees die; even us the scavenger are not exempted to this rule.

In order to maintain life.
We move and expand the Oasis.

This is the endless cycle in the Oasis.

This is how life is maintained in this Sand Planet.

[Short ver]
In the vocaloid industry,
Just like how a song and producers come and go.
Trends continue to change.

Fans shift from one thing to another.
New songs new Producers.

This Cycle repeats

This is Vocaloid